Superior Spider-Man #9 Review

Superior Spider-Man is with all honesty one of the books I look forward to releasing most each and every month as an ongoing title.  The adventures of Ock as he figures out the ins and outs of hero-hood are nothing short of greatly entertaining and now that we’ve gotten the mandatory War of the Realms tie-ins out of the way we can get back to business.
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Deadpool #15 Review

I have really enjoyed Skottie Young’s time on this book since Fresh Start and am sad to see him go. At least Marvel didn’t make him write tie-ins to a big event right before his run ended, right? RIGHT?!? Oh well, we do get an over sized issue so he can tie up the loose ends and finish the run in style. So, did it end with a BANG? Let’s find out… Continue reading Deadpool #15 Review

Secret Warps: Ghost Panther Annual #1 Review

The stunt-riding cursed king of Wakanda, the Ghost Panther, heads to the year 2099 in this week’s all-new SECRET WARPS GHOST PANTHER ANNUAL #1 by Al Ewing and Daniel Kibblesmith. Can he rally the inheritors of the legacy of his fellow heroes to defeat the Martian invaders? Let’s dive in and find out! Continue reading Secret Warps: Ghost Panther Annual #1 Review

Preview: Superior Spider-Man #9

After saving the citizens of San Francisco from the worst of THE WAR OF THE REALMS, the Superior Spider-Man is the toast of the town! The key to the city! A ticker-tape parade! Adoration of the masses! That should make him feel good, right? Whatever he’s feeling, he should treasure it, because someone very dangerous is coming for him… Continue reading Preview: Superior Spider-Man #9