Black Cat Annual #1 Review

Black Cat Annual #1 Review. You are cordially invited to the wedding of… Black Cat and Spider-Man?! How did this come about? Where’s MJ? Is there an open bar? Let’s find out the answers to all these questions and more in this week’s BLACK CAT ANNUAL #1 by Jed MacKay! Continue reading Black Cat Annual #1 Review

BLACK CAT #6 Review

After pilfering a plethora of high-risk items for her mentor the Black Fox, the gang (and Black Cat specifically) take some much-needed R & R in this week’s all-new BLACK CAT # 6 by Jed MacKay. However, while the Fox entertains some uninvited guests, Felicia takes some time off to enjoy… “Date Night.” Let’s jump into this week’s issue. Continue reading BLACK CAT #6 Review

Black Cat #5 Review

Writer: Jed MacKay Artist: Travel Foreman Color Artist: Brian Reber Letterer: Ferran DeLgado Yancy St. Shuffle part 2 Black Cat has been partnering with her teacher in the art of lateral acquisitions, Black Fox. At this very moment she is deep inside 4 Yancy Street, the new address for the Fantastic Four, trying to acquire a book they need to gain access to the Thieves … Continue reading Black Cat #5 Review

First Look: BLACK CAT #3

Surprising no one, Black Cat’s heist of Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum has gone horribly wrong. Felicia and her crew are under attack in a place where any wrong turn or opened door means certain death. It would take an insane amount of luck to get out alive. How much luck would it take to get out alive with the loot? Continue reading First Look: BLACK CAT #3