X-Force #17 Review

Writer: Ben Percy

Art: Joshua Cassara, GURU-eFX, VC’s Joe Caramagna, VC’s Cory Petit, Tom Muller, and Dean White


Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 10th, 2021

Can any X-MEN fan name for me someone else who’s died more times since HOXPOX than Quentin Quire? What mutant comes to mind that’s been resurrected the most? Empath comes to mind. Some may argue Moira MacTaggert. However, that’s not resurrection per se… and that happened before HOXPOX. My point: Kid Omega has been through the wringer and back again. However, his constant death must be taking a toll on him mentally as well as emotionally. Let’s dive into X-FORCE #17 by Ben Percy and Joshua Cassara to see this new lease on life Kid Omega appears to now have after his continued death and resurrection.

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Percy delivers an enthralling anecdote surrounding Kid Omega. A tale that’s been blooming slowly in the background for a couple of months now. Readers get a Quentin-centric issue showcasing a character who’s been in the picture, but always as a sidekick. The irony is his abilities make him one of the most powerful mutants on the X-FORCE team. Yet, he’s the one who continues to die. He’s the one who should be the heavy hitter… but isn’t. He’s the one who shouldn’t be cocky… but he is. Percy uses all those emotional scars and delivers a well-written rendition about Kid Omega that’s been merely scratching at the surface since HOXPOX began. It was a well-played sidestep that fit perfectly within the confines of the narrative.


Cassara provides a pretty graphic array of illustrations this week involving the many deaths of Quentin Quire. And, as a fan that loves crisp, detailed renderings with larger panel exploitations, Cassara beautifully delivers. It’s Cassara art that truly reveals the most feeling and passion within the story. The flashback tones, the emotion within Kid Omega’s eyes, and the most minor details between Phoebe and Quentin’s relationship are all portrayed through Cassara’s clear and cloudless design. The best page to describe this entire issue of X-FORCE would be the moment shared by Phoebe and Quentin with a kiss. The unique page layout alone shows the immense skill and affection Cassara has for his work, the characters, and this comic. Simply well done!


Percy has been hinting at something secretive involving Kid Omega and it finally hits home with some possible answers in this issue. It’s dubious, thrilling, and digs down so deep it’s found a way to survive resurrection protocols, which is nuts! Furthermore, sprinkled over top the story was a certain intensity and passion that only Cassara could convey to spice up X-FORCE #17 while elevating Quentin and this issue to problems that are brewing beneath the surface within Krakoa. And readers, these problems run deep. Percy continues to lead the charge with one of the best X-MEN titles on the market. Simply put, you must have X-FORCE in your pull list if you want to follow anything X-MEN related. Pick this up, have a great week, and God bless!


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