Symbiote Spider-Man #1 Review

Writer: Peter DavidArtist: Greg Land & Iban CoelooCover: Greg Land & Frank D’ArmataColorist: Frank D’ArmataLetterer: VC’s Joe Sabino Release Date: April 10 2019 Review by WolfCypher An untold tale of Spider-Man that takes place during the Alien Costume Saga, Quentin Beck (Mysterio) attempts a big heist bank robbery. The robbery doesn’t go exactly as planned, as a security guard is shot and killed during the … Continue reading Symbiote Spider-Man #1 Review

Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage Review

Writer: Frank TieriPencils: Daniel S. BeyruthColors: Andres MossaCover: Joshua Cassara & Rain BeredoLetterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles Release Date: April 10 2019Review by WolfCypher Agent Misty Knight arrives to the destroyed city of Doverton, CO in search of agent John Jameson. She finds John, cowering under rubble nude, whispering “God is Coming”. She snaps John out of his shocked state only to find he doesn’t remember … Continue reading Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage Review