Marvel Comic Solicits January 2020

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POWERS OF X #6 Review

This is it! The last issue before our mutants are relaunched into the Marvel Landscape. But, has Jonathan Hickman resolved all of our queries? And, how does the Year 1000 future connect presently to the Year 10 storyline? Furthermore, this last issue is a RED issue. The first RED issue, HOUSE OF X #2, saw the big reveal of Moira MacTaggert having the ability to reincarnate with her full photographic memories. The next RED issue, HOUSE OF X #5, saw Charles’s “resurrection machine” made up of 5 unique mutants capable of bringing every mutant (good or bad) back to life using alien tech and a Super Cerebro! With one last RED issue to go, what will be Hickman’s last great reveal before this new Dawn of X? Let’s dive in and find out how this opening act concludes! Continue reading POWERS OF X #6 Review

Preview: Marvel Comics Presents #7

Welcome to the 21st century! A new age dawns for Logan in his mission to stop the demon Truth! Iron Man faces the biggest financial crisis of his lifetime! And a hero reborn for a new millennium, the Winter Soldier returns in brand-new tale by D.C. Pierson (Crap Kingdom, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and Alessandro Vitti (Secret Warriors)! Continue reading Preview: Marvel Comics Presents #7