Amazing Spider-Man #26 Review

Written by: Zeb WellsArt by: John Romita Jr., Scott HannaColors by: Marcio Menyz, Erick ArciniegaLetters by: VC’s Joe CarmagnaCover art by: John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marcio MenyzCover price: $4.99Release date: May 31, 2023 Amazing Spider-Man #26, from Marvel Comics on May 31st, 2023, finds Spider-Man, MJ, and all the Marvel heroes fighting against Rabin to stop the completion of a ritual that will turn … Continue reading Amazing Spider-Man #26 Review

Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #4 Review

Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #4 sets the plan in motion to lure Carnage 2099 away from his hive and into a trap designed by Ghost Rider 2099 and Lyla. Will the plan work? Is It Good? No, the plan doesn’t work. The plan *almost* works, but it doesn’t completely work, so what better way to cap off the penultimate run in this mini-series than by … Continue reading Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #4 Review

Helllcat #3 Review

Hellcat #3 widens and deepens the investigation into Spalding Grantham’s murder when Patsy Walker discovers Grantham had dark secrets with a connection to the forces of Hell. Is It Good? Tedious. In a word, Hellcat #3 is tedious. The basis of a curious murder mystery is present in Christopher Cantwell’s plot, but the delivery zigs and zags for miles, so you’re motion sick and annoyed … Continue reading Helllcat #3 Review

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #4 Review

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #4 learns the painful reason why having a secret identity is important when Decon Frost and his minions kidnap Brielle’s mother. Is It Good? Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #4 is an average comic book with an average plot, an average protagonist, below-average art (for a Marvel comic), and generally terrible dialog. Honestly, this issue is as good as this mini-series is … Continue reading Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #4 Review

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12 Review

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12 begins the fight to enter Dimension Z when Captains America, Sharon Carter, and Misty Knight fight their way to the only portal open to save Ian. Is It Good? If you haven’t heard the news, this series will be ending in July 2023, so that means we have two more issues to go before Captain America goes on a … Continue reading Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12 Review

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 Review

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 finds the gang dropping in on a territorial war to warn everyone to leave before Grootfall arrives to wipe everyone out. Is It Good? When last we left the Guardians, they barely managed to evacuate a frontier colony before Grootfall arrived to wipe out the entire planet. Besides the name and the extinction-sized appearance, no explanation was given as to … Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy #2 Review

Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #1 Review

Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #1 reintroduces readers to Johnny Blaze’s successor as he finds himself confronting miscreants and malcontents suddenly imbued with mystical power. Is It Good? Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #1 is not bad. Howard Mackie’s take on the second Ghost Rider covers all the bases to reintroduce readers to Danny’s origin story, the extent of his powers, his relationship with Johnny Blaze, and … Continue reading Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #1 Review

Hulk Annual #1 (2023) Review

Hulk Annual #1 (2023) takes a side trip to a side trip in New Mexico with a documentary film crew hoping to catch a glimpse of Marvel’s not-so-jolly green giant. Is It Good? Hulk Annual #1 (2023) is an interesting one-shot story from David Prepose starring a documentary film crew and real-life creator, Rylend Grant. Presented as a found-footage film, the story recounts (through unedited … Continue reading Hulk Annual #1 (2023) Review

She-Hulk #13 Review

She-Hulk #13 throws a monkey wrench into Jennifer Walters’s love life when the enigmatic thief she’s been tracking turns the charm meter up to 11. Is It Good? Aaaand, we’re back to the slice-of-life romance comic, again. I’ll give Rainbow Rowel credit for having the aptitude to explore multiple genres, but it’s not common to see multiple genres explored in the same title. At the … Continue reading She-Hulk #13 Review

Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #3 Review

Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #3 continues the fight to stop Carnage 2099 and Halloween Jack from inciting a mob riot that consumes Nueva York. Is It Good? Why is Punisher 2099 on the cover? He doesn’t show up once in this comic nor is he referenced in any way. If you bought this comic expecting Punisher 2099 to show up, guns a-blazin’, you’ve been duped, … Continue reading Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #3 Review

Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 Review

Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 pits Valkyrie against (the evil) Cosmic Ghost Rider to stop a killing spree spreading across nearly every sector of the Galaxy. Is It Good? Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 is fine. Honestly, that’s all you can really say about it. Filled with excellent art, decent pacing and dialog, and mildly engaging action, Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 is a very middle-of-the-road issue. When … Continue reading Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 Review