June 2020 Marvel Comics Solicits

Here are the June 2020 Marvel Comics Solicits. Take a look at the NON-STOP Action and the Empyre’s continuing to unfold. The summer blockbusters have just begun! June 2020 Marvel Comics Solicits! Continue reading June 2020 Marvel Comics Solicits

May 2020 Marvel Comic Solicits

Here are the May 2020 Marvel Comic Solicits. Take a look as Empyre begins to heat up, X-Men takes a sharp turn, and Marvel Zombies explode onto the scene. May 2020 Marvel Comic Solicits! Continue reading May 2020 Marvel Comic Solicits

Captain Marvel #15 Review

Another issue of Captain Marvel Smashes its way into our lives and with every issue of this story bringing total destruction of an Avengers member I am hoping we get a little more story than we have been getting lately. Don’t get me wrong I have really been enjoying the fights but after three issues of Carol going after an Avenger to take them down … Continue reading Captain Marvel #15 Review