Ghost-Spider #5 Review

Writer: Seanan McGuire
Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa, Ig Guara
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 18, 2019

Review by: Laurence Nixon

Being an interdimensional teenager can be so difficult at times, especially when that teenager is the Ghost Spider!

In this issue our hero our hero Gwen Stacy a.k.a Ghost Spider finds herself being stalked by an old Spiderman villain the Jackal. That’s pretty creepy when you think about it.

We start with the Jackal of 616 looking for his 65 counterpart so he can get to the love of his life the Ghost Spider. The Jackal interrupts a mugging by Miles Warren’s thugs. The 616 Jackal purposely gets captured and away we go to meet the 65 Miles Warren. After the two meet they exchange stories and Miles Warren shows the Jackal just how to deal with their spider problem.

In the meantime we see Gwen as the Spider Ghost swinginfg through the streets inner monologuing about the Bodega Bandit and how the hospital won’t let her see him as she is not family and does not have permission from a family member. It is actually a typical response from a hospital. She then thinks how M.J. will be glad that she will be on time for band practice when she swings by the Jackal and Miles QWarren who are sitting in traffic waiting for her.They have laid a trap in a nearby store knowing that Gwen would never ignore pleas for help.

The Ghost Spiderswings into action only to be put down by a gas that we later find out is a sedative. The gas knocks Gwen out and the thugs take their prize while letting a mother and son go that they were using to lure in our spider. The thugs return to the Jackal and Miles Warren with Gwen and are instructed to strap her down to a gurney. It would seem that the plan all along was to retrieve Gwen’s necklace that she uses to travel between the 616 and the 65.Unbeknownst to the Jackal and Miles it will only respond to the Ghost Spider’s D.N.A.

 It then becomes known that Miles Warren is in fact working for the Man-Wolf and the Jackal professes his love to Gwen. All this time Gwen is stating that she just wants to get to band practice. Jackal then kills Miles when M.J. and friends barge in as the have discovered Gwen using “ real time location sharing” on Gwen’s phone. Seems a little convenient but oh well.

Meanwhile the Jackal’s attention turns to M.J.and the gang giving Gwen time to break free of her bonds as the effects of the sedative has worn off at this point. Gwen gets a solid punch off on the Jackal. He then grabs M.J. who elbows him in the gut and breaks free herself. Gwen then thwips the Jackal and explains the situation to her friends. As she is feeling guilty over the death of Miles Warren the Jackjal breaks free and escapes.

In the last few panels we see the Jackal heading back to Miles Warrens thugs and demands to see their leader…..

 Final Thoughts:

 I thought this issue was interesting enough as it was pretty much a set-up for events to come. We got some nice action with some decent dialogue that kept the reader in the loop. the pacing was good and the art fine. I would read the next issue to find out what happens next.


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