Uncanny X-Men #20 Review

Writer: Matthew RosenbergArtist: Salvador LarrocaCover Price: $3.99 Release Date: June 19, 2019 Feels like this book was picked up its paced recently! Finally some serious crap is going down and full steam ahead for action town. This Uncanny run went from being awful to being great after issue 10 then after a few issues being eh okay. I am really hoping that the end of … Continue reading Uncanny X-Men #20 Review

Star Wars: TIE Fighter #3 Review

Written by Jody Houser Art by Roge Antonio and Geraldo Borges Colors by Arif Prianto and Lee Loughridge Letters by Joe Caramanga Cover by Tommy Lee Edwards Edited by Mark Paniccia Assistant Editor Tom Groneman This is the third of 5 issues in this TIE Fighter mini series from Marvel Star Wars. The structure of the books is an extended installment on a main story, … Continue reading Star Wars: TIE Fighter #3 Review

Miles Morales Spider-Man #7 Review

Last issue we ended with Miles picking up a file from Tombstone’s safe house and headed straight to his uncle, The Prowler. Now my knowledge of them, is whenever they face off, they have some serious trouble ahead of them. I remember Mile’s last book run, towards the end, we find out that his uncle recreated the Sinister Six. So even if you don’t know much about his uncle, Aaron, he is a powerful foe for Miles. What troubles awaits Miles when he makes a stop at his uncles? Let’s dig in and see what we have here… Continue reading Miles Morales Spider-Man #7 Review

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 Review

Donny Cates wraps up his first riveting arc in this week’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #6 with the conclusion of the Final Gauntlet. Let’s dive into the issue to see the ramifications of what happens to this new team as well as Thanos going forward. Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy #6 Review

Age Of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #5 Review

Well this is it, the final issue in the Nightcrawler mini, and I can mainly say that the art has been great! The story itself not so much, but with one issue left, can it redeem itself can make up for past sins? Or will I regret picking up with issue? Continue reading Age Of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #5 Review

Captain Marvel #7 Review

I really enjoyed the first issue of this War of the Realms tie-in mini-arc because it worked so well as a team-up book that just happened to be taking place during the Event. Of course, throw in a Freaky Friday scenario and I will always be in as well! So, did the fun continue this issue? Let’s find out… Continue reading Captain Marvel #7 Review

Star Wars #67 Review

Written by Kieron Gillen Art by Angle Unzueta Colors by Guru FX Lettering by Clayton Cowles Cover by Gerald Parel Edited by Mark Paniccia Assistant Editor Tom Groneman This issue sees the end of writer Kieron Gillen’s extended run on the Star Wars series. It has been a fun and interesting run on the book which closes this stage of the longer tale as well … Continue reading Star Wars #67 Review