Captain America #15 Review

We take a little break from headlines and politics ripped from the headlines this month, and instead focus more on Steve and Sharon’s relationship, all while Steve and The Daughters Of Liberty chase down a cop killer – We get a villain we haven’t seen in quite a while, and a good setup for why they are back causing trouble for Steve. Who is it? Read on below! Continue reading Captain America #15 Review

Captain America #14 Review

On the way to clearing his name once and for all, Cap and the Daughters Of Liberty have tracked down the Watchdogs to their secret base – a dive bar where guys in flannel rub elbows with guys in suits, and a pretty lady in a cowboy hat wandering in isn’t unheard of. A lot of action happens this issue, and while we don’t get many answers about the Power Elite or their long game, we do get to see Cap acting heroic – something that has been missing from Captain America for a long time now. Let’s sidle into the honky-tonk dive bar and see what happens. Continue reading Captain America #14 Review


Steve Rogers has had a busy year. There was that whole “HYDRA took over America” using his face thing, then he was framed for the murder of General Thunderbolt Ross and thrown in the Myrmidon prison run by Baron Strucker. Now, freshly broken out and looking to clear his name AND restore faith in Captain America as a symbol, Steve and the Daughters of Liberty decided to take it to the streets. What says “I’m a living, breathing symbol of everything that makes the ideals of ‘Liberty’ great” better than a very public display of partisan politics? Let’s see! Continue reading CAPTAIN AMERICA #13 Review


Marvel Comic November 2019 Solicits for the Avengers and all related titles like Captain America, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Iron Man, the Savage Avengers and more! Brought to you by your fine friends at Weird Science Marvel Comics! Continue reading AVENGERS NOVEMBER 2019 SOLICITS