Eternals #2 Preview

Eternals #2 Review

Eternals #2 Preview

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Art: Esad Ribic, Matthew Wilson, and VC’s Clayton Cowles


Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 10th, 2021

In the center of a metropolis driven insane by time itself, the ETERNALS live forever. However, as we discovered last time, one of them is dead and he can’t be brought back. Will more ETERNALS turn up dead? And, who’s responsible? Let’s dive into ETERNALS #2 by Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribić to witness the showdown everyone has waited a month for THANOS versus Ikaris! Can Ikaris hold his own against the Mad Titan?

Eternals #2 Preview

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What an intriguing little story we have blossoming here! Kieron Gillen has found a way to use the Great Machine as a narrator to explain who and what the ETERNALS are while providing readers with a murder mystery that may actually destroy the entire world. Furthermore, it’s not worth hiding the elephant on the cover… THANOS is back! However, it has not been revealed how or why. We just know that he’s back. The assumption is that he’s the killer. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be too sure just yet. Additionally, we recognize that he’s up to something big, ETERNALS are dead, and somehow the Great Machine is out of whack causing ETERNALS to not be so… eternal anymore. It smells like shades of Charles Xavier being assassinated and readers wondering if resurrection protocols would still work. Hopefully, this premise plays out a bit longer than that one. Nevertheless, in the meantime, I’m all in!

Eternals #2 Preview

Now, mixed in between this story was a flashback that Gillen slides into the comic. This flashback involved Ikaris and this man on a shore. Readers, this tale was extremely powerful and moving, however, I left wondering how it fits into the overall narrative. Additionally, I’m stilling struggling to see the purpose of Toby Robson in all of this. Who is he and what’s his connection to all of this? Now, even with my questions, I’m still pretty jazzed for this series and surprisingly more excited than I ever was before for the on-screen adaptation. Sometimes, questions in comics are a good thing. And, so far, Gillen’s ETERNALS are proving to be a real hardy treat.

Eternals #2 Preview


Readers, it’s Esad Ribić who makes this issue come to life. The action is relentless and Ribić doesn’t disappoint. From THANOS hulking size as he stands over Ikaris to the dynamic movement throughout each action sequence, Ribić lays out some of the most captivating illustrations in comics today. Moreover, his eye for detail is astounding. However, there is just something about his character faces that drives me bonkers. Whenever Ikaris looks angry, Ribić draws his facial expressions like that of a grump old man. Heck, even 13-year-old Toby looks in his 40s. Plus, I swear Sprite’s hairline is gradually getting smaller and smaller. Nevertheless, it’s Ribić who delivers the intensity this week that’ll pull you deeper into the story.

Eternals #2 Preview


There is a ton to work with in this week’s ETERNALS #2. Gillen is simultaneously reintroducing the ETERNALS, providing fanfare with the return of THANOS, and dropping mysterious plot nuggets that furnish new and old readers with some pretty extensive questions. Moreover, Ribić packs that extra punch that helps to raise the level of excitement alongside Gillen’s intrigue. Together, this creative team continues to elevate my level of interest into an area that never really resonated with me before. I highly recommend giving ETERNALS a fair shake. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless.


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