Avengers: War Across Time #1 Review

Writer: Paul LevitzCover Artist: Alan DavisPenciller: Alan DavisColorist: Rachelle RosenbergLetterer: VC’s Cory PetitReviewer: Carl Bryan “The rage of the storm is mine to command Captain America, a power beyond your mortal reckoning – Thor to Captain America Synopsis:It’s Classic Avengers! Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Giant-Man, and Wasp! They face the Hulk on the streets of New York! It’s the beginning of a showdown with … Continue reading Avengers: War Across Time #1 Review

Avengers #64 Review

Writer: Jason AaronColor Artist: David CurielCover Artist: Javier Garron and David CurielPenciller: Javier GarronLetterer: VC’s Cory PetitReviewer: Dr. Carl Bryan “Murderers always think it takes courage to be them. There’s nothing brave about being a piece of human garbage! – Tony Stark to Howard Stark Synopsis:The Avengers wage a blood showdown with the Multiversal Masters of Evil for the fate of prehistoric Earth and the … Continue reading Avengers #64 Review

All-Out Avengers #4 Review

Writer: Derek LandyColor Artist: Frank D’ArmataCover Artists: Greg Land and Frank D’ArmataPenciller: Greg LandInker: Jay LeistenLetterer: VC’s Cory PetitReviewer: Dr. Carl Bryan “Clint..I know I’ve been gone for a few days and we’ve been through a lot…but what happened to your clothes? – Natasha to Clint Synopsis:Trapped in an alien world surrounded by bloodthirsty hunters, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman and Hawkeye have only hours … Continue reading All-Out Avengers #4 Review

Amazing Spider-Man #17 Review

Written by: Zeb WellsArt by: Ed McGuinness, Cliff RathburnColors by: Marcio MenyzLetters by: VC’s Joe CaramagnaCover art by: John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marcio MenyzCover price: $3.99Release date: January 11, 2023 Amazing Spider-Man #17 finds Peter Parker and his captured friends living out a twisted facsimile of NYC life in Limbo, courtesy of Chasm. How much pressure can Peter stand before he succumbs to Chasm’s … Continue reading Amazing Spider-Man #17 Review

Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #2 Review

Written by: Sabir PrizadaArt by: Francesco MortarinoColors by: Dono Sánchez-Almara, Fernando SifuentesLetters by: VC’s Ariana MaherCover art by: Marco Checchetto, Matthew WilsonCover price: $3.99Release date: January 11, 2023 Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #2 finds Kamala Khan entering (and quickly exiting) Limbo to confront the world’s greatest inventors resurrected in cyborg bird bodies. Meanwhile, the local Muslim community has a heart-to-heart with their mosque. Is It … Continue reading Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #2 Review

Daredevil #7 Review

Written by: Chip ZdarskyArt by: Rafael De Latorre, Marco Checchetto, Elisabetta D’AmicoColors by: Matthew WilsonLetters by: VC’s Clayton CowlesCover art by: Marco Checchetto, Matthew WilsonCover price: $3.99Release date: January 11, 2023 Daredevil #7 finds Daredevil taking his new batch of reformed criminals on a field trip to see how well they perform breaking the law in service of helping people. Is It Good? Daredevil #7 … Continue reading Daredevil #7 Review

Moon Knight #19 Review

Written by: Jed MacKayArt by: Federico SabbatiniColors by: Rachelle RosenbergLetters by: VC’s Cory PetitCover art by: Stephen Segovia, Rachelle RosenbergCover price: $3.99Release date: January 11, 2023 Moon Knight #19 takes an underground trip to stop an illegal mining operation. Meanwhile, Zodiac spills the beans to his new therapist. Is It Good? Did you ever get the impression a creator knew he had to keep going … Continue reading Moon Knight #19 Review

Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3 Review

Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3 adds She-Hulk into the mix for a head-on confrontation with the Grand Priestess to free the kidnapped Haarg children. Is this the end of the fight, or is the fight just beginning? Is It Good? Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3 is a strangely conflicted entry in the series about a Gran Priestess kidnapping the descendant children of the Hulks a thousand years … Continue reading Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3 Review