Secret Wars #8 Review (2015)

Chartbusting creators Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic march toward the end of their grand saga as the final battle against God Doom rages on in SECRET WARS #8! Battleworld teeters on the brink, the Shield has fallen, and armies march on Doomstadt. As Battleworld gives way to a new Marvel Universe…no one will come out the other side unscathed, if they come out at all. Who lives? Who dies? Let’s jump in and find out! Continue reading Secret Wars #8 Review (2015)

Secret Wars #7 Review (2015)

Readers may have been a bit down after the last issue. The previous edition was centered more around background information, recap, and behind the scenes surmising to the narrative. It clarified more of how, when, where, and why. To be honest, in virtually every story, there appears to be one issue set up to replenish the gaps, tie up some loose ends, and usher in the culmination to the narrative. Now that fans have moved past the climatic issue, does this installment prove to be more action-packed? Is this issue more exciting than the last? Are fans finally going to see the beginning of the end of God-Doom? Let’s Continue reading Secret Wars #7 Review (2015)

Tomb of Dracula (1972) #3 Retro Review

Frank Drake is filled with guilt and despair. After seeing his girlfriend turned into a vampire, he was the one that drove a stake through her heart and watched her turn to dust. Now on the brink of suicide, let’s travel to the fog-filled streets of London and see how this tale unfolds. Continue reading Tomb of Dracula (1972) #3 Retro Review

Tomb of Dracula – (1972) #2 Retro Review

Writer: Gerry Conway Art: Gene Colan, Vince Colletta, and John Costanza Price: .12 cents Release Date: May 1st, 1972 If you liked issue 1, this one won’t disappoint! As Frank’s girlfriend has been turned into a vampire, and his castle is in ruins, Frank is out for revenge! Let’s see how this plays out… Frank Drake has returned to Castle Dracula with a new friend … Continue reading Tomb of Dracula – (1972) #2 Retro Review

Secret Wars #6 (2015) Retro Review

When readers last left Doom World, fans saw a creation story, conflict, questioning amongst Valeria and the Future Foundation, and approximations as to where several of the residing life raft heroes (or should I say villains) were scattered. God-Doom is pissed and wants to curb this uprising. However, he can’t find the scattered heroes from the original universe. So, will God-Doom locate our heroes? And, how will Reed, T’Challa, and the others from the life rafts find a means to restore their universe and defeat God-Doom? Let’s dive into the issue and take a look! Continue reading Secret Wars #6 (2015) Retro Review