HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X #1-6 Review

Overall, this series was clever, intriguing, thought-provoking, and full of imagination. Jonathan Hickman continues to prove time and again what strategical planning, precision, and organization can do for any writer, creator, or architect of any story. It’s something that numerous authors just aren’t doing in today’s market. Several current writers appear to be winging it, changing stories on the fly, and using social media, podcasts, and interviews to explain their stories. If not that approach, the other avenue explored by many modern writers is to make ambiguous stories that can be interpreted or deciphered in an assortment of ways. It gives rise to the creator appearing as intelligent, masterful, and imaginative. However, it’s actually quite the opposite AND it makes readers feel stupid. Continue reading HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X #1-6 Review

The Hidden Key to HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X

Let’s start backward with HOUSE OF X #3. A key player was revealed by name in this issue. Nightcrawler teleports into the Mother Mold base surrounding the sun and finally announces one of the key players by name. This character has been right in front of the reader’s noses since POWERS OF X #1. For those of you who missed out, her name is Karima Shapandar. Karima is an Omega Prime Sentinel that’s actually a mix between human and Sentinel. Continue reading The Hidden Key to HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X


Marvel Comic November 2019 Solicits for the X-Men, New Mutants, Excalibur, X-Force, and Fallen Angels new this month!!!! All this and so much more brought to you by your fine friends at Weird Science Marvel Comics!!! Continue reading X-MEN NOVEMBER 2019 SOLICITS

Preview: House of X #1

Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (SECRET WARS, AVENGERS, FANTASTIC FOUR) takes the reins of the X-Men universe! Since the release of Uncanny X-Men #1, there have been four seminal moments in the history of the X-Men. Giant-Sized X-Men. X-Men. Age of Apocalypse. New X-Men. Four iconic series that introduced a new era for Marvel’s mutants and revolutionized the X-Men. In House of X, Charles Xavier reveals his master plan for mutantkind…one that will bring mutants out of the shadow of mankind and into the light once more.
Rated T+ Continue reading Preview: House of X #1

Preview: Uncanny X-Men #22

It all ends here. This is forever! As Cyclops’ cleanup mission nears its close, all the problems the X-Men face come together. The truth behind the Hellfire Club’s intentions, the culmination of the O.N.E.’s assaults on mutantkind and even the inner struggles within the team… It all ends here. This is forever. Continue reading Preview: Uncanny X-Men #22

Preview: X-Men #1 Facsimile

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduce the mighty mutants to the Marvel Universe! Training to fight for a world that hates and fears them, they are the Uncanny X-Men! Cyclops! Beast! Iceman! Angel! And their newest recruit, Marvel Girl! Professor Charles Xavier brings together these Children of the Atom to teach them to use their mutant powers to protect mankind – and they’re quickly forced into action when Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, strikes! The X-Men are a pop-culture phenomenon, and this is the story that birthed the legend! It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all! Reprinting X-MEN (1963) #1. Continue reading Preview: X-Men #1 Facsimile

Uncanny X-Men #20 Review

Writer: Matthew RosenbergArtist: Salvador LarrocaCover Price: $3.99 Release Date: June 19, 2019 Feels like this book was picked up its paced recently! Finally some serious crap is going down and full steam ahead for action town. This Uncanny run went from being awful to being great after issue 10 then after a few issues being eh okay. I am really hoping that the end of … Continue reading Uncanny X-Men #20 Review