October 2020 Marvel Comic Solicits

October 2020 Marvel Comic Solicits: Check out all the Marvel Comics hitting stores this Fall and so much more! Check out the October 2020 Marvel Comics Solicits HERE! Continue reading October 2020 Marvel Comic Solicits

Daredevil #21 Preview

Daredevil #21 Preview: For weeks, Hell’s Kitchen has been a lawless neighborhood thanks to the Stromwyn siblings, but as the police are finally able to resume their patrols, they’re quick to find that they aren’t the only ones interested in keeping the Kitchen safe. Check out the Daredevil #21 Preview HERE! Continue reading Daredevil #21 Preview

The Zdarsky Top Seven

The Zdarsky Top Seven: Take a look at the top seven Chip Zdarsky titles/ series rated by comic reviewers across many platforms, websites, and blogs. Or, as I like to call it, the Diamonte Dozen. Check out the Zdarsky Top Seven HERE! Continue reading The Zdarsky Top Seven