Best Marvel Comics for the Week of August 28th, 2019

Here are the Best Marvel Comics for the Week of August 28th, 2019 as picked by the Weird Science Marvel Comics Staff and their Amazing Friends! Continue reading Best Marvel Comics for the Week of August 28th, 2019


Steve Rogers has had a busy year. There was that whole “HYDRA took over America” using his face thing, then he was framed for the murder of General Thunderbolt Ross and thrown in the Myrmidon prison run by Baron Strucker. Now, freshly broken out and looking to clear his name AND restore faith in Captain America as a symbol, Steve and the Daughters of Liberty decided to take it to the streets. What says “I’m a living, breathing symbol of everything that makes the ideals of ‘Liberty’ great” better than a very public display of partisan politics? Let’s see! Continue reading CAPTAIN AMERICA #13 Review

RUNAWAYS #24 Review

I have read a lot of Runaways comics, including this current run, and I have been getting more and more wary that this book, it’s concept and it’s team were getting a bit stale. I think the biggest problem is they need a good villain to heat things up. The book has always been better when the team can focus on taking a down an enemy and so, my Runaways wish list has that one item on it. Do I get an early Christmas present this week? Let’s find out… Continue reading RUNAWAYS #24 Review


Writer: Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum Art: Emilio Laiso, Rachelle Rosenberg, VC’s Travis Lanham, and Skan Price: $3.99 Release Date: August 28th, 2019 Well I will admit that when this book was first announced I was ecstatic! A Spider-Man story on a different earth that I won’t know what will happen. That was my biggest issue with City At War. I have played the PS4 game, so … Continue reading SPIDER-MAN VELOCITY #1 Review

Marvel Team-Up #5 Review and Spoilers

Carol and Kamala have been tracking down a gang of thieves who have been stealing Kree technology from various Damage Control warehouses up and down the east coast. At the end of last issue, they finally confronted the gang only to find out that its leader is none other than Mar-Vell the long-presumed dead Kree supersoldier whose name Carol now bears. Or is he? Let’s find out… Continue reading Marvel Team-Up #5 Review and Spoilers

Doctor Strange #18 Review

Stephen Strange is back on Earth after his Multiversal odyssey with Galactus and Clea in this week’s all-new DOCTOR STRANGE #18 by Mark Waid. But is the Multiverse done with Doctor Strange? By the Images of Ikonn, let’s take a look into this issue as a truly terrifying villain works their way into the Marvel Universe that will have people talking for years! Continue reading Doctor Strange #18 Review

Marvel Monsters #1 Review and Spoilers

arvel has a grand tradition of monsters and last year’s Monsters Unleashed book charted the adventures of Kid Kaijo (Kei Kawade) as he came to grips with his power to conjure monsters just by drawing them. This book is very much a follow-up to those issues. It shows us Kei investigating a brand new wave of monster sightings. Let’s see how he gets on… Continue reading Marvel Monsters #1 Review and Spoilers

HOUSE OF X #3 Review

Multiple Life’s of Moira MacTaggert continues as last week’s POWERS OF X #3 had a big reveal that saw our mutant heroes in the Year 100 storyline ”living it up” in Moira’s 9th Life. Well, which life does Year 1, Year 10, or even Year 1000 take place? Furthermore, which Life of Moira MacTaggert does HOUSE OF X take place? Let’s jump in and find out! Continue reading HOUSE OF X #3 Review

Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #1 Review

The day started like any other routine day for Miles Morales. He’s spending time with Ganke, window shopping for some new sneakers, when out of nowhere, the Scorpion appears, creating panic. This is indeed a day in the life of Miles Morales. But it’s about to get a lot less routine. Continue reading Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #1 Review