Moon Knight #2 Review

A Battle Of Wills Written By: Jed MacKay Art By: Alessandro Cappuccio Color By: Rochelle Rosenberg Letters By: VC’s Cory Petit Cover Art By: Steve McNiven, Frank D’Armata Cover Price: $3.99 Release Date: August 18, 2021 Moon Knight #2 pits Mr. Knight against a horde of brainwashed seniors sent on the attack. The investigation leads to a villain hired to find out what happens when … Continue reading Moon Knight #2 Review

Way Of X #5 Review

The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled… Written By: Si Spurrier Art By: Bob Quinn Colors By: Java Tartaglia Letters By: VC’s Clayton Cowles Cover Art By: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Marte Gracia Cover Price: $3.99 Release Date: August 18, 2021 Way Of X #5 finally force Nightcrawler to take action as the he examines the third Krakoan Law: Respect This Sacred Land. The ‘Land’ in question … Continue reading Way Of X #5 Review

Children of the Atom #6 Review

Written By: Vita AyalaArt By: Paco Medina, Walden WongColors By: David CurielLetters By: VC’s Travis LanhamCover Art By: R.B. Silva, Erick ArciniegaCover Price: $3.99Release Date: August 11, 2021 CHILDREN OF THE ATOM #6 concludes the run with Carmen aka Gimmick coming out to her friends and family about her sexuality and her genetics. While the former was apparently obvious to everyone, the latter comes as … Continue reading Children of the Atom #6 Review