Hellions #9 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Stephen Segovia, David Curiel, VC’s Ariana Maher, Tom Muller, and Romulo Fajardo Jr.


Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 3rd, 2021

The HELLIONS have returned after a prosperous mission to regain Orphan-Makers armor from Cameron Hodge. Now, as the HELLIONS helped lead a robot revolution against Hodge deterring these anti-mutant robots away from their programming, Psylocke took it upon herself to destroy these A.I. Smiley bots to uphold a foundational Krakoan element to thwart artificial intelligence advancements. Nonetheless, as this issue begins, readers discover that the well-dressed Mr. Sinister is missing! Will the HELLIONS be able to put aside the frictions poised to sever the team long enough to decipher this mystery? Let’s step into HELLIONS #9 by Zeb Wells to see if they can put aside their difference and find their “boss” before it’s too late… or at least his cape.

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HELLIONS is a quick read this week folks. Truthfully, there isn’t much action or suspense to fill out the issue. In that sense, it’s a bit flat. However, the lack of confrontations doesn’t make this a bad issue by any stretch. Zeb Wells’ style with this team is still very strong and distinct compared to the other X-MEN titles. Wells explores the relationships between the team, uncovers more drama with Nanny and Orphan-Maker, showcases a bond maturing between Greycrow and Wild Child, and hints at something brewing under the surface by the mutants resurrected from Arakko. Picture this issue of HELLIONS as a basis required to promote the arc while also focusing on character development in the process.

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Ultimately, this issue of HELLIONS was merely the setup for the next arc, and I, for one, am excited for these two classic villains (you’ll have to read it to find out who) to take center stage against the HELLIONS and Sinister. Regardless, I’m curious as to what they’re after from Mr. Sinister and the team. As of right now, I’m intrigued as to where this story is going while Wells continues to stay true to the foundations within the team he’s set up. Sometimes it’s hard for a writer to stay with the rules and context of their own story, especially when they make the rules. Oftentimes, the writer wants to change their rules to make it easier to tell their new story. Nevertheless, Wells stays true to the team, true to their motivations, and true to his slyly humorous style that continues to draw me into the narrative. There clearly isn’t a ton divulged this issue other than the key players. However, the pacing and character development have my interest piqued for next month. HELLIONS is still a must-read and I highly recommend giving this issue a look. It’s a perfect place to hop on board the series. Have a great week, stay safe, and God bless!


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