Secret Warps: Iron Hammer Annual #1 Review

Whatever has been causing worlds to smash together is out of control…and starts smashing Warp Worlds heroes into one another in this week’s all-new SECRET WARPS: IRON HAMMER ANNUAL #1 by Tini Howard and Al Ewing. As the heroes begin turning into strange new amalgamations, can even Ghost Hammer turn things back to normal? Let’s dive into the last warped-out annual and see how everything wraps up! Continue reading Secret Warps: Iron Hammer Annual #1 Review

Captain America #12 Review

After escaping from Federal Custody with the help Of The Daughters Of Liberty last issue, Steve is now a wanted fugitive. Is Steve going to just lay low and watch Judge Judy until it all blows over? Meanwhile, what are the Daughters up to? And how does the Kingpin figure into all this? Let’s take a look. Continue reading Captain America #12 Review

Thanos #4 Review

Gamora is coming into her own, but as the bond between her and Thanos continues to grow, so does the unrest among the proto-Black Order in this week’s all-new THANOS #4 by Tini Howard. Now, with the threat of mutiny brewing underfoot, what will Thanos do in order to keep his power? Let’s snap into the issue and find out! Continue reading Thanos #4 Review

Runaways #23 Review

I remember first reading the Runaways series last year where I read the first 7 or 8 volumes. The love I have for the series has taken a slight turn south recently, but not the whole current run. This happened recently and I think I know why. The team works best with a common goal. At this point, it seems like a couple of them have a common goal. Hopefully, after this story arc, we can get to some bad guys that the team has to work together to defeat. Let’s dig in and see what we have here… Continue reading Runaways #23 Review