Marvel Unlimited Expands This July

Marvel Unlimited Expands This July: Check out what’s on the horizon for this month with Marvel Unlimited! Check out the article HERE! Continue reading Marvel Unlimited Expands This July

The Zdarsky Top Seven

The Zdarsky Top Seven: Take a look at the top seven Chip Zdarsky titles/ series rated by comic reviewers across many platforms, websites, and blogs. Or, as I like to call it, the Diamonte Dozen. Check out the Zdarsky Top Seven HERE! Continue reading The Zdarsky Top Seven

Marvels X #3 Review

Mavels X #3 Review! Humanity’s hope is the last kid on Earth in Alex Ross & Jim Krueger’s Marvels X #3, hitting shops this week! Check out the review here! Continue reading Marvels X #3 Review