Eternals #1 Review

Written By: Kieron GillenArt By: Esad RibićColors By: Matthew WilsonLettering By: VC’s Clayton CowlesCover Price: $4.99Release Date: January 6, 2021 Review by: Gabriel Hernandez Eternals #1 reboots, quite literally, the Eternals on Earth to deal with Deviants that have run amuck. During a routine Deviant “correction,” the Eternals leader is killed, and it’s up to Ikaris to find the killer or else Sprite will take … Continue reading Eternals #1 Review

Juggernaut #4 Review

Written By: Fabian NiciezaArt By: Ron GarneyColors By: Matt MillaLettering By: VC’s Joe SabinoCover Price: $3.99Release Date: December 9, 2020 Review By: Gabriel Hernandez Long Story Short After the failed attack by a mind-controlled Quicksand in issue #3, Juggernaut and the “Get Wrecked” crew head off to the last known research facility that housed the radioactive material needed to create the mind-controlling substance. Juggernaut finds … Continue reading Juggernaut #4 Review