Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme #3 Review

Dr. Strange #3 Rwview: Dr. Strange #3 By Mark Waid and Kev Walker hits stores this week as Dr. Strange has moved on to tattoo removal. But, these may be different types of tattoos. Check out the Dr. Strange #3 Review HERE! Continue reading Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme #3 Review

Doctor Strange: The End #1 Review

Doctor Strange The End #1 Review: Every hero has his ending, Stephan Strange finds himself with his dead friend’s shrine as he travels to find a way to bring back the one person that could bring hope when magic has since faded. Check our the Doctor Strange The End #1 Review HERE!!! Continue reading Doctor Strange: The End #1 Review

Strikeforce #5 Review

Writer: Tini Howard Artist: Jacopo Camagni Colorist: by Guru-eFX Letterer: by VS’s Joe Sabino Cover Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/8/2020 Reviewed by: Clay Hinojosa As I’m newer to Marvel, I’m quickly finding out that jumping into certain titles in the midst of an arc is almost impossible even with a recap page. Strikeforce sounds great as an elevator pitch, but with just a small dive … Continue reading Strikeforce #5 Review