Annihilation – Scourge: Fantastic Four #1 Review

Annihilation – Scourge: Fantastic Four #1 by Christos Gage. Review of Annihilation – Scourge: Fantastic Four #1 out this week! The FF vs the Cancerverse in Annihilation – Scourge: Fantastic Four #1. Continue reading Annihilation – Scourge: Fantastic Four #1 Review


Marvel Comic November 2019 Solicits for the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, and everyone involved with Marvel’s First Family! All this and more brought to you by your fine friends at Weird Science Marvel Comics! Continue reading FANTASTIC FOUR NOVEMBER 2019 SOLICITS

Invisible Woman #2 Review

My knowledge on the 616 Fantastic Four team is very limited maybe even nothing while my knowledge on the Ultimate Fantastic Four team is basically everything that happened to them in that universe. I was excited to learn about one of the members. So far, we learned she is a badbutt secret agent. But, how awesome is secret agent Susie? Let’s dig in and see what we have here… Continue reading Invisible Woman #2 Review

Preview: Invisible Woman #2

Susan Richards, the Invisible Woman, forms an unlikely – and uneasy – alliance with fellow spy the Black Widow to comb the alleys and palaces of Madripoor! They’re searching for Sue Richards’ first partner – but what they discover will shake Sue to the core and turn her mission upside down! Continue reading Preview: Invisible Woman #2