Marvels X #3 Review


Story: Alex Ross & Jim Krueger

Script: Jim Krueger

Artist: Well-Bee

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Covers: Alex Ross; Well-Bee

Release Date: March 18th, 2020

Price: $4.99

Last boy on Earth David might be the only shot at reversing the horrible mutations that have swept the planet. That is if Daredevil and Spider-Man can get him past the horrendous hordes in the streets of NYC to Mr Fantastic. Will they succeed or fall to the mutant masses, or will the creature hunting David all along have the last laugh? Let’s find out in Alex Ross & Jim Krueger’s MARVELS X #3!

The issue begins with another top-notch old school spread and some, well, FANTASTIC narration on the Fantastic Four. The books have always started strong like this, and happily this issue maintains the quality of the intro, for the most part. Well-Bee’s art throughout doesn’t skip a beat; if anything you’ll be left wanting more of his melting, ghastly mutants. 


The story begins where we left off, with David staying at Peter and his daughter May’s apartment, and Pete and Daredevil planning on what to do with the kid. Immediately there is a big problem, right on page two, and probably the most glaring issue with the book. David and May are watching a live newscast. Let that sink in. David is supposed to be the last unaffected person on Earth, and supposedly humanity’s best chance for a cure. Yet here we have a normal looking dude reporting the news, presumably with at least a cameraman and producer in a studio somewhere. It’s a pretty big mistake, but luckily the rest of the book mostly makes up for it.


The two heroes proceed to whisk David away to the Baxter building so Reed Richards can get a look at the boy who lived (through the contagion). Unfortunately, the building is on heavy lockdown, and no one is answering the door. Next they hit up Dr Strange who has his hands full as well, but suggests Daredevil go seek out Sue Storm while she’s on a grocery run.


Now it’s just Spidey and David walking home, and it’s cool to see how David is breaking down Peter’s grim exterior and getting the Spider-Man wiseass persona to come back.  Unfortunately their walkabout (because David doesn’t like swinging) is broken up by the creature that has been hunting David since he showed up in NYC, and getting a close look at him will have even the most novice of Marvel fans guessing who this is. It’s a cool payoff, as is the trophy the creature has displayed on the next-to-last page.



MARVELS X #3 has a lot going for it. Well-Bee’s art is consistently good throughout. The dynamic between David, Daredevil, and Spider-Man is compelling, and seeing this world through David’s eyes and narrative works well this time out. Calling him the last human on Earth and then showing a live newscast is a mistake, but the joy of guessing what’s coming at the end makes up for it. If you weren’t thrilled with the last issue, this one will have you back on board.


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