Updated June 2020 Marvel Release Schedule

UPDATES June 2020 Weekly Marvel Comics Release Schedule: Here is the list of new/ updated Marvel Comics coming out weekly between June 3rd and July 8th 2020 including all digital-only issues. Check out this article and more by clicking HERE!!! Continue reading Updated June 2020 Marvel Release Schedule

Writer Spotlight: Donny Cates

Here is a Writer Spotlight on Donny Cates. If you’ve ever been interested in one of Marvel’s best, brightest, and up and coming talents, known for such work as God Country, Thanos, Silver Surfer Black, and Absolute Carnage, take a look at the Donny Cates Writer Spotlight HERE. Continue reading Writer Spotlight: Donny Cates

Jonathan Hickman’s Greatest Hits

Jonathan Hickman’s Greatest Hits: With Dawn of X taking center stage at Marvel AND new releases coming to a stand still, why not check out some of the best comics and trades Hickman’s brought to the comic landscape? Check out Jonathan Hickman’s Greatest Hits HERE! Continue reading Jonathan Hickman’s Greatest Hits

March 2020 Marvel Comic Solicits

Here are the March 2020 Marvel Comic Solicits. Take a look as Thor uppercuts Galactus, Strange Academy and Hellions debut, plus the Road to Empyre arrives this coming March 2020! Continue reading March 2020 Marvel Comic Solicits


With the last issue of POWERS OF X arriving on shelves this Wednesday, October 9th, 2019, this reviewer felt that it would be beneficial to bestow a quick recap of each issue in order while showcasing the incredible Skottie Young Covers to tantalize your taste buds. Reviews for each issue to date can be found by simply clicking the title of the issue below. Let’s dive in! Continue reading HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X RECAP

POWERS OF X #6 Preview

This is it! The last issue before our mutants are relaunched into the Marvel Landscape. But has Jonathan Hickman answered all of our questions, especially about the Year 1000 storyline? How does that future connect currently to the Year 10 storyline? Furthermore, this last issue is a RED issue. The first RED issue, HOUSE OF X #2, saw the big reveal of Moira MacTaggert having the ability to reincarnate with her full memories. The next RED issue, HOUSE OF X #5, saw Charles’ “resurrection machine” made up of 5 unique mutants capable of bringing every mutant (good or bad) back to life using alien tech and a Super Cerebro! With one last RED issue to go, what will be Hickman’s last big reveal for the new X-series’ kick off in two weeks? Pick this one up an find out! Continue reading POWERS OF X #6 Preview

HOUSE OF X #6 Preview

This is it! The last issue of HOUSE OF X with only one more RED issue of POWERS OF X to follow. How will Jonathan Hickman conclude this epic introduction while ushering in a new dawn of the X-Men? After last week’s POWERS OF X #5, readers witnessed Xavier ”forge” his idea to save mutantkind forward with every detail calculated and every stone left unturned. However, Charles and Magneto had to make deals with some unlikely mutants in order for their vision to come to fruition. Moreover, what will happen if this resurrection process goes wrong? Furthermore, is Xavier building a mutant nation or a mutant cult? And, how does all of this impact the future of the human and mutant race? Pick this issue up and find out! Continue reading HOUSE OF X #6 Preview