Marvel Team-Up #6 – Review and Spoilers

This Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel mini-series comes to an end this week with our two heroes facing off a possibly demented and certainly delusional Walter S Lawson, the hapless scientist whose identity Mar-Vell took all those many moons ago. (Well, everyone did think he was dead, to be fair.) With a Kree Starforce team on its way to Earth to investigate, things look set to get… unpleasant. Let’s find out how things go down… Continue reading Marvel Team-Up #6 – Review and Spoilers

The Invaders #9 Review

The world has got a Namor-sized problem. The Sub-Mariner possesses the Serpent Crown, is growing increasingly irrational and violent, and has also developed a chemical weapon that can change surface dwellers into water-breathers. Namor has problems too, though. His dead friend Tommy Machan keeps on appearing to him as a mental projection, and his influence seems to be putting further strain on Namor’s already fractured psyche rather than bringing the stability he clearly needs. There’s a lot at stake this issue. Let’s see how things pan out… Continue reading The Invaders #9 Review

The Punisher #15 Review

Last month’s issue ended with the big reveal of an impromptu street-level superteam led by Frank Castle and assembled without his knowledge by Black Widow. That ending was a nice symmetrical counterpoint to issue 13’s cliffhanger ending which revealed that Baron Zemo had resurrected his Thunderbolts team in order to track (and take) down The Punisher. It would not be unreasonable, then, to expect this issue to feature some super-powered fisticuffs. Let’s find out, eh? Continue reading The Punisher #15 Review

Champions #9 – Review and Spoilers

RiRi ‘Ironheart’ Williams showed up at the beginning of last issue wanting a chat with Viv Vision. By the time the issue ended, Viv had been knocked out and RiRi was standing over the body, gloating like the proverbial cat who had finally been given a saucer of cream all to herself. “What the hell?” would be a perfectly rational response to that particular turn of events. Let’s find out exactly what’s going on… Continue reading Champions #9 – Review and Spoilers

Silver Surfer (1968) #2 In-Depth Retro Review and Analysis

Silver Surfer 2 cover

Written by: Stan Lee

Art by: John Buscema and Joe Sinnott

Letters by: Sam Rosen

(Colours uncredited)

Available on Marvel Unlimited

The Silver Surfer is one of Marvel’s most iconic characters. Introduced in 1966 in Fantastic Four 48, it wasn’t long before he got his own Marvel series, and it’s not difficult to see why. Having agreed to a lifetime of service as Galactus’ herald in exchange for the continued existence and safety of his homeworld, two years after his first appearance Norrin Radd finds himself confined to Earth – his punishment for helping the Fantastic Four save the Earth from Galactus’ all-consuming hunger. The character of the Surfer is, then, one of Marvel’s ‘bigger’ characters. An alien who nevertheless embodies very human notions of nobility and self-sacrifice, he is an isolated and misunderstood figure, and his background is drenched in tragedy and pathos. While it’s true that other Marvel characters had similar issues at the time (Spider-Man, the Sub-Mariner and, especially, the Hulk all spring to mind), I’d argue that it’s the Silver Surfer who represents the pinnacle of what you might call Marvel’s melodramatic tragic style. While I’m very conscious that I might be talking complete rubbish (and a lot of it!), I hope you’ll allow me to explain what I mean, as we take a deep dive into the over-sized second issue of the character’s first solo series.

Continue reading “Silver Surfer (1968) #2 In-Depth Retro Review and Analysis”

Marvel Team-Up #5 Review and Spoilers

Carol and Kamala have been tracking down a gang of thieves who have been stealing Kree technology from various Damage Control warehouses up and down the east coast. At the end of last issue, they finally confronted the gang only to find out that its leader is none other than Mar-Vell the long-presumed dead Kree supersoldier whose name Carol now bears. Or is he? Let’s find out… Continue reading Marvel Team-Up #5 Review and Spoilers