Jane Foster Valkyrie #5 Review

Writer: Al Ewing & Jason Aaron Art: CAFU, Jesus Aburtov Release Date: November 27th, 2019 Price: $3.99USD Jason Aaron and Al Ewing finally pull it all together and give us a satisfying conclusion to the first arc- Jane Foster uses her very human powers of compassion to best Mephisto’s appointed Grim Reaper, and earn some superhero street cred along the way. How did it all … Continue reading Jane Foster Valkyrie #5 Review

Yondu #1 Review

When the rebellious ne’er do well Yondu Udonta’s ship gets damaged after stealing a priceless artifact, he’s forced to wait around on a planet that knows all about him. Good thing he chose the extended warranty on his solar sails! When future Yondu comes back, will our roguish outlaw who plays by his own rules be shown the way of the peaceful warrior? Or will he just tell his future self to flark off? Let’s sail in and have a look. Continue reading Yondu #1 Review

Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man #13 Review

Revolution # [Science] Five! Writer: Tom Taylor Art: Ken Lashley, Todd Nauck, IG Guara, Dike Ruan, Rachelle Rosenberg Letters: VC’s Travis Lanham Release Date: October 20th, 2019 $3.99USD Waaaay back in issue #4, Spidey helped one of his neighbours (Leilani) escape the abduction by her Father, the tyrannical ruler of a nation-state buried under Manhattan since last century. You’d think it was something straight out … Continue reading Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man #13 Review