Preview: Secret Warps Arachknight Annual # 1

Writer: Al Ewing and Jim Zub

Art: Carlos Gómez, Juan Vlasco, Carlos Lopez, Ruth Redmond, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Carlo Barberi, Edgar Delgado, Rafael Fonteriz, Carlos Pacheco, and Nolan Woodward

Price: $4.99

Release Date: July 24th, 2019


The web-spinning Arachknight finds himself out of the depth of all four of his personas as his own warped universe begins colliding with another – the New Supreme Universe, homes of the Supreme Seven! PLUS: A bonus tale of ol’ AK trying to persuade the Terrific Two to become a Trio!
Rated T+

3 thoughts on “Preview: Secret Warps Arachknight Annual # 1

    1. They come with the review copies. I really enjoyed the issue. They do a great job giving the best qualities of Spidey and Moon Knight!!! Let me know what you think of it. The review will post tomorrow morning around 9am. Hit me up there if you’d like!


      1. Definitely will let you know about my thoughts! Cheers! Thanks…and sorry – I’m a thick-o…how do you get the review copies as well then?…gave posted your preview on our Facebook Page and Group! Big thanks for the preview!:)


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