Powers of X #1 Review

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: R.B. Silva, Andriano Di Bendetto, Marte Gracia and VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $5.99
Release Date: July 31, 2019

I mentioned in my review for last week’s House of X that I was looking for Jonathan Hickman to show me what all this X-Men stuff was all about. I had been reading a couple of the side X books, but those were cancelled to make way for this brave new world right here and I was holding it to task partly because of it. After a couple of readings, I did really enjoy House and was looking forward to see if this book continued that trend. Well, did it? Let’s find out…

The issue opens by giving the reader a little rundown of the present and future of the book. It’s a bit of a reference point that seems cool enough even if it’s not explained at all. Actually, I wouldn’t expect an explanation here, but as we go through this issue, I certainly could have used one.

I’ll admit it, I am already having issues with what to say in this review. I usually try to explain a bit of what went on in the issue without spoiling too much, make some (usually lame) observations and wrap it all in some jokes and 80’s references and call it a night. I was just so lost at points in this issue that I am just going to cut to the chase here…this issue made me feel like I missed the train somewhere and I did not have any fun reading it. In fact, it felt like a chore to get through it and I think I may be done with Hickman and the X-Men for now. Yea, that may seem drastic, but there are plenty of other books to read out there and I think I will find some to replace this. Plus, there are a lot of other reviewers who know way more about the X-Men that can fill you guys and gals in on what’s going on.

We then jump through time to see Year One Charles talk about his dream with someone he should know because she certainly knows him. We then jump ahead in time to Year Ten (The House of X time) and see Mystique return with the info she stole with Toad in House of X. We still have no idea what it is (remember it’s connected to Reed Richards and Tony Stark), but it’s important to Magneto…and Charles. The later talks a little shit, but gets it thrown back at him before the reader is off to Year One Hundred.

Ok, at this point in the issue I was intrigued with what was going on and while it all feel like a mystery I will never be able to solve on my own, I am enjoying watching it unfold before me. That changes a bit in the future part, though.

This X1 part did nothing for me but confuse me and worst of all, bored me. I’m sure all of this mutant breeding program talk and this dark future will be expanded on and explained in more detail later, but I was confused to the point of deciding if this book is really for me. I am still trying to get my footing with the X-Men and having a new #1 throw me off like this felt odd. I know that most will stick it out, and really, I will too, but I hate having this feeling already when things are just getting started. Yea, it leads to a cool cliffhanger (kind of two cool cliffhangers) but it felt like a chore getting through it and chores aren’t fun.

That is my biggest problem with this issue…I had zero fun reading it. I’m sure I will be told it’s because I don’t understand what’s going on or that I am not a deep thinker, but it feels like Hickman is out to wow me with his intellect way more than he is trying to entertain me. Long time X-Men fans may be down with that, but I want to get in on the fun I keep hearing the X-Men books used to be and I am not finding that at all here.

Final Thoughts:

After really digging House of X #1, I expected the same here and was sadly disappointed. As a new reader, I felt left behind and am not having enough fun to try to catch up. This issue feels like a showcase for Hickman’s big brain and it was just not for me. I liked the art and will give these weekly books a fair shake, but if things keep going like this, I don’t think I’ll be sticking around.


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