June 2020 Marvel Comics Solicits

Here are the June 2020 Marvel Comics Solicits. Take a look at the NON-STOP Action and the Empyre’s continuing to unfold. The summer blockbusters have just begun! June 2020 Marvel Comics Solicits! Continue reading June 2020 Marvel Comics Solicits

Gwen Stacy #2 Review

Gwen Stacy #2 Review: As Gwen, Harry, and Darius try to clear Captain Stacy’s name, Gwen finds herself in the middle of a power struggle for the leadership of the underworld in NYC! And if that’s not bad enough, Gwen is poking her nose around in places that most likely won’t end well for her. At all….. Continue reading Gwen Stacy #2 Review

Gwen Stacy #2 Preview

Gwen Stacy #2 Preview: Gwen Stacy #2 By Christos Gage arrives this week as Gwen’s dad is hurt, in the hospital and implicated in corruption charges. But what is a high school student of the month/class president candidate/science team captain supposed to do about that? Check out the Gwen Stacy #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Gwen Stacy #2 Preview