Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Black Cat Strikes #5 Review

Writer: Dennis “Hopeless“ Hallum

Art: Luca Maresca, Rachelle Rosenberg, VC’s Travis Lanham, and Sana Tekeda

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 1st, 2020

Well, after so long, we finally get the conclusion to this DLC adaption, and I am excited to check this out! The last two Spider-Man titles that we got in the Gamerverse, really were a bit of a letdown. But it seems like Dennis Hallum has found his way and so far this book is something I would highly recommend! Furthermore, the art really mixed well with some spectacular storytelling that truly grabbed my attention. However, can Hallum stick the landing? I am very confident that we will be satisfied by the end of this issue. So, let’s dive in and see what we have here…

Well, after the last issue’s cliffhanger with Black Cat joining in on the fun, we begin this issue with a bit of a bang and jump two weeks forward in time to see Spider-Man and Silver Sable vs. Hammerhead in a handicap match. I do have a bit of an issue with the time jump. I feel the skip could have been used for something better. We could have got a page of a montage of what Spidey has been up to whether it was fighting crime or working with MJ to solve the crime. However, better use of the pages could have been more beneficial to add depth to the story.

Apparently, Black Cat’s gift to Spidey was a key factor of taking down Hammerhead. It was a rather quick defeat but at least readers get a great action scene, which is one thing that Hallum nails on all the Gamerverse issues. He always gives fans some grade “A” action scenes. However, the fighting doesn’t stop there with the takedown. We get a great chase scene that reminded me a bit of the Spider-Man 2 video game, which was outstanding.

As the series wraps up, the chase scene leads into discovering something that Black Cat has been after from the beginning. The last half of the issue really demonstrates why fans love Black Cat so dang much. Unfortunately for her, someone has been on her trail since the beginning and it is someone who I hope in the main continuity we see a friendly rivalry blossom.

Final Thoughts:

Well, this is the first Gamerverse run that I would recommend getting each issue and even the trade! Plus, Hallum really did stick the landing. The art feels just like a video game and I was genuinely a bit sad that the final issue was a quick read. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun reading it. Sure, this week’s issue was a quick read but Hallum managed to cram a lot into this concluding issue. Hallum delivered on all parts with action, great art, and fun dialogue with an ending that was quite satisfying. Not only was it a great issue but it wrapped up the overall story well! I highly recommend this series and issue. If you can, give it a look!


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