RUNAWAYS #24 Review

Writer: Rainbow Rowell

Art: Kris Anka, Andrés Genolet, Matthew Wilson, Niko Henrichon, and VC’s Joe Caramagna

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 28th, 2019

It seems like this comic is becoming more like an Archie comic than a Marvel comic. I’ve read quite a bit of the first two runs of The Runaways and it seems like once they got older, the team became a bit stale. I’ve been saying this for a while, but they need a good villain. The team is better when they have one enemy to take down. But hey, at this point as long as I get a good story, I will be good to go. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We open up this issue with Karolina and Nico figuring out what to wear now that they are going to help people with their powers. I feel like this is a tad of a wasted scene.

Next up we have Gert and Molly trying to trick Gib to eat to satisfy the lack of souls he has consumed. I felt like it was supposed to be funny and a cute scene but didn’t hit the landing. It could be, with Molly being older, some of the cute factor is gone. I have a feeling that Gib would really work better if Chase was in the scene.

I will admit, I do like how we transition from scene to scene, but a lot of it just feels like we are only getting recap. We get Doombot trying to leave and why he came to this conclusion. We do find out where Doombot lives which gave me a chuckle.

We continue with some more laughs seeing what the team is doing with all the villains on the other coast. We do get an awesome scene here as as well as a really cute moment. The book really does pick up when there are baddies to deal with and it also is cool when there are others showing up to help!

Final Thoughts:

Well this seems to be a recap issue, but it’s done nicely. The art was very good and there are some really cool looking scenes. I’m just worried, as a long time reader that things are getting a little bit stale. However, I would recommend this issue to someone who wants to catch up as the series is winding down.


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