Amazing Spider-Man #28 Review

Writer: Nick Spencer

Art: Kev Walker, John Dell, Laura Martin, Andrew Crossley, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Ryan Ottley, and Nathan Fairbairn

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 28th, 2019

Side deals, double-crosses, new alliances, what’s going on here? Let’s take a look inside to see if the Syndicate can get their act together, or not!!

The issue opens with Spider-Man watches from overhead as Randy and Beetle kiss. Oh my…we got ourselves a kissing party here! We get a little back story, even though we get a whole recap page at the beginning of the issue too. It’s not a big deal at all, but the recap page is more than adequate for me. We then get 4 pages of dialogue between Randy and Beetle. I can see why there has been some complaints about this series not having much forward momentum. Plus, Spider-Man doesn’t do much of anything until several pages in.

We continue with the Syndicate who meet up and we get a page of dialogue that could be straight from a Tarantino movie or Breaking Bad. I am a fan of both so that’s all good for me. Of course, I am not you so you can decide what kind of dialogue you like…I can’t run your life for you, you know!

Later, Wilson Fisk shows up after being tipped off by someone. I won’t spoil how it was, but it is pretty big. This is when things go bonkers! We’ve got betrayal, people switching sides, a whole lot of nonsense! The best kind of nonsense and boy, the book really picks up here and I think that some of the people who haven’t been enjoying this run will even like this! The issue ends with some great news for Aunt May and Randy and a creeper watching it all from above!

My biggest takeaway after reading this is that I’m left wondering if I was reading a Spider-Man book or a Syndicate book. Not that I didn’t like it though. Let me explain why. When reading and reviewing comics I’m not trying to make it more than it is. I’m not going to make a mountain out of a molehill. I follow a few basic guidelines. If I know who all the characters are after reading the issue that’s a plus, obviously. If I get the gist of the story without re-reading 10 times, that’s a plus too! And being a visual medium, do I like the art? If it’s a good story or not is a real question though. I can check the first 3 boxes no problem. The story may not be for me but that doesn’t make it bad. There are certain aspects I like. I feel there’s just too much focus on the Syndicate. I don’t mind set up and long-form storytelling, but I want more Spidey in the flagship book!! However, I’m patient and give things the benefit of the doubt.

The cover by Ryan Ottley is the highlight of the issue for me. Fisk’s size and strength are shown in great scale without making Fisk look inhuman.

Final Thoughts:

While Spidey takes a backseat again for most of this issue, it’s not all that bad! The twists and turns make this a story I want to see through till the end.


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