Spider-Man: Life Story #6 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art Team: Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy, Frank D’Armata, VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover Price: $4.99

Release Date: August 28, 2019

The BIG CONCLUSION!  Spider-Man Life Story wraps up this month and while I’ve really enjoyed the twists and turns the series has taken us on I think six issues was maybe just one too many and the series may have overstayed its welcome for one month too many.  Regardless, I come into this months conclusion hoping to have a satisfying ending, and would add this to the list of titles, along with Daredevil and The Invaders, that have awoken a newfound respect I have for Chip Zdarksky’s work.  With all that said lets discuss.

I have to start of by saying that as a whole I enjoy this issue, but the beginning scenes involving the setup here really threw me off, and confused me for a quite bit of the beginning of the book.  One of the few weaknesses of this series has been established the setting of the year, time, and world events surrounding it.  Since we are dealing with a true timeline, in that the characters age along as the years pass, a lot of events are casually mentioned that are a HUGE deal, but feel entirely glossed over at the same time. The Super Hero Civil War is a big thing in the last two issues in this title. It usually also adds to confusion later, when these ‘only mentioned’ events, are catalysts for why the characters are doing things.  Again I’ve enjoyed this book, but it always takes me almost 8 pages to understand whats happening, and that is very present here as an old Peter/Spider-Man heads off into space with ‘Miles Morales’ to save Earth, maybe for the last time.

Things get really out of hand in space with Peter having a two for one special on his hands.  First Kraven in the Venom suit attacks, which was setup earlier in the series, trying to take down Parker once and for all. Some quick thinking gets rid of the old foe, only for Peter to come face to face with another old foe, albeit in a younger skin this time.  Zdarsky does the old Superior Spider-Man flip-flop here, with Ock in the body of Miles here, as Peter calls him out, forcing Ock to lure Peter into an ‘in the mind’ battle scene. The fight leads to some cool visuals, and ultimately is concluded with a surprise guest, as Peter is then left face to face with his own fate.

The issue concludes with a couple very touching moments, to really make the series worth it as a whole, showing what a take on Spider-Man through the years of history would look like.  I personally always enjoy slightly different twists and takes on some of my favorite characters, and Zdarsky, Bagley, and the rest of the art team do a great job of making me look forward to the next time a project like this gets announced.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Spider-Man: Life Story concludes with some fun action, a couple nice surprise twists, and a few heartfelt emotional moments making the series worth checking out as a trade down the line if you’ve been holding out.  While the issues always seemed to get off to a slightly strange start, that seemed largely due to the concept of the theme at play here, because second read through are definitely a benefit with some knowledge going in. Bagley can still draw Spider-Man comic with the best of them and the art team as a whole did a steller job the entire run.


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