Gwenpool Strikes Back #1 Review

Writer: Leah Williams Art Team: David Baldeon, Jesus Aburtov, VC’s Joe Caramagna Release Date: August 14, 2019 Cover Price: $3.99 Gwenpool is a  character people fall into one of two camps about, they either love the character and concept, or they absolutely trash it any opportunity they’re given.  I happen to be on Team Gwenpool. Having loved Chris Hastings take on the character, with the … Continue reading Gwenpool Strikes Back #1 Review

Superior Spider-Man #9 Review

Superior Spider-Man is with all honesty one of the books I look forward to releasing most each and every month as an ongoing title.  The adventures of Ock as he figures out the ins and outs of hero-hood are nothing short of greatly entertaining and now that we’ve gotten the mandatory War of the Realms tie-ins out of the way we can get back to business.
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Spider-Man: Life Story #5 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarksy Art Team: Mark Bagley, John Dell, Frank D’Armata Release Date: July 17, 2019 Cover Price: $4.99 Spider-Man: Life Story has been a very enjoyable else-worlds tale that answered the age old question of what if Marvel’s Super Hero’s aged in real time. The Life Story creative team has also done an excellent job of showcasing different events of the various time periods, … Continue reading Spider-Man: Life Story #5 Review

Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus #1 REVIEW

The Weapon Plus program is responsible for a lot of shenanigans in the Marvel Universe. I really have no idea how they keep their medical license, but here we are once again, set to revisit the programs connections to various heroes and villains. This series specifically, based on a quick glance of the cover art, seems to want to connect the Captain America and Wolverine’s ‘origins’ so lets see whats cooking. Continue reading Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus #1 REVIEW

Wolverine Vs. Blade Special #1 Review

Who’s in the mood for Blade and Wolverine cutting up some vampires, then cutting up each other, than going back at some vampires again? If that’s you then Marvel pulled a special out of the vaults for your viewing and reading pleasure, that is a violent throwback to yesteryear. So lets not waste any more time and lets discuss the events at hand here. Continue reading Wolverine Vs. Blade Special #1 Review


Writer: Ralph Macchio Art Team: Chris Allen, Rachelle Rosenberg, VC’s Travis Lanham Cover Price: $3.99 Release Date: June 26, 2019 In celebration of 80 years Marvel Comics has been putting out various one shot stories, highlighting some of their most popular characters, throughout these summer months.   One of the few we were treated to this week was Spider-Man: Reptilian Rage, a story featuring a very … Continue reading SPIDER-MAN: REPTILIAN RAGE #1 REVIEW

Wolverine: Exit Wounds #1 Review

The love Wolverine has been getting lately, as far as published titles go, is fine by me. Especially with him missing in the Marvel Universe for the last several years, I’ve just been more than okay with getting my fill where I can, and the variety is nothing to shake a stick at either. So with that said, lets discuss and lets check out the latest flavor of Logan stories, here in Wolverine: Exit Wounds. Continue reading Wolverine: Exit Wounds #1 Review

Superior Spider-Man #7 Review

I’ve been a huge fan of the Superior Spider-Man title since its initial incarnation. With this latest volume, headed by Christos Gage, really taking the character on a journey I can get behind. However now the monster known as War of the Realms comes calling, to hijack this title into tie-in status, possibly side tracking our story a bit. So lets jump in here and see what Doc Ock, the Superior Spider-Man, thinks of all this nonsense, as he joins forces with the West Coast Avengers to put an end to all this madness in San Francisco.
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