She-Hulk Annual #1 Review

Writer: Alexandra Petri
Artist: Andy MacDonald, Matt Milla, and VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: August 28, 2019

Now let me get this straight…we are getting a She-Hulk Annual when there isn’t a She-Hulk book? Marvel sure is cocoa puffs, but hey, I love She-Hulk, so I can dig it! It is an Acts of Evil issue so I am a little wary going in after what ended up happening in the Deadpool Annual last week. So, is this one any good? Let’s find out…

The issue opens with a crazy thing going on…Jen is in the body of a robot! Yea, it’s the old Freaky Friday deal, but how did it happen and how did she get where she is now? Well, we start to piece it all together and it’s a bit confusing, a bit convoluted and not much fun at all.

It all involves Machinesmith and Bullseye and really, there isn’t that much to say about the setup because Alexandra Petri just jams things together to get where she is going with the story. The biggest issue I had was that Petri really doesn’t seem to have much of a grasp of the character of She-Hulk…or Bullseye…or really, anyone in this book.

After Machinesmith is insulted by Jennifer, he is approached by Bullseye to do a little brain hacking/body swapping and while I would never ever question the science of such a thing (an really, usually science isn’t even involved), Petri just confuses matters every step of the way.

While the idea of Bullseye trying to doop an old guy out of his riches by using She-Hulks body to kill himself sounds like some fun, it isn’t and the whole thing just takes way to long to play out. Then after Jenn foils it all using a machine body, we find out that actually wasn’t even the case which convinces her to take Machinesmith’s case and I just need someone to yell at me to get off their case right about now to continue this whole case thing going.

No? Okay, well this issue stunk! The art was okay, but not good enough to save this wreck of an issue. As someone who really likes She-Hulk, I felt offended that Marvel would ever agree to release this. I’ll just go back to what little we get of Jenn in the Avengers.

Final Thoughts:

This is a mess of an issue that I can’t recommend at all. The only Act of Evil going on here was when Marvel decided this was fit to print.


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