Fantastic Four #25 Review

Writer: Dan Slott Artist(s): R.B. Silva, Paco Medina, & Will Robson Colorist(s): Jesus Aburtov, Marcio Menyz Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna Release Date: 10/21/2020 Price: $5.99 ***SPOILERS*** (THIS ISSUE IS WAY TOO BIG TO AVOID TALKING ABOUT BIGGER PLOT POINTS) Dan Slott, when given the page count, can shine through and through. Was there a McGuffin in this story? Yes, but everything else that surrounded that … Continue reading Fantastic Four #25 Review

Iron Man #2 Review

Writer: Christopher Cantwell Artist: Cafu Colorist: Frank D’Armata Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna Release Date: 10/21/2020 Price: $3.99 I have heard nothing but great things about Christopher Cantwell. I just can’t wrap my head around those comments when he has done nothing for this Iron Man title. It is only two issues in, but nothing has happened other than Tony Stark being injured in a great … Continue reading Iron Man #2 Review

Cable #5 Review

Cable #5 Review – It’s science, meets horror in this almost supernatural science fiction tale by Gerry Duggan in this week’s CABLE. Check out the Cable #5 Review HERE! Continue reading Cable #5 Review

Hellions #5 Review

Hellions #5 Review – Sinister and his dysfunctional band of merry misfits develop a plan that could swing the tide of the tournament in favor of Krakoa. Check out the Hellions #5 Review HERE! Continue reading Hellions #5 Review

New Mutants #13 Review

New Mutants #13 review – Doug Ramsey wielding a sword as one of the chosen 10 is a joke, right? Or not?? Can Magik whip him into fighting shape in time, or would Doug make a better contribution as “Cypher”? Let’s dive into Part 7 of X of Swords, also known as New Mutants #13, and find out! Check out the New Mutants #13 review HERE! Continue reading New Mutants #13 Review

Star Wars #7 – Review

After six issues of Luke searching for a lightsaber, we finally get into something I’ve really been looking forward to. That being, some back story on Commander Zahra, and why exactly she has it out for Leia. Let’s head to a galaxy far, far away, and see what Charles Soule has in store for us this month! Continue reading Star Wars #7 – Review

Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #2 Review

After the inevitable cliffhanger of Blade showing up to kill the undead, will issue two of Zombies Resurrection hold the line, or will it suffer issue two fall off? But really this IS issue three of the series, right?!? Let’s see where Spidey and company are in their pursuit of the Galactus hive!
 Continue reading Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #2 Review

X-Factor #4 Review

After the critically acclaimed debut last week of X of Swords, Leigh Williams has the unenviable task of following in the footsteps of the so-called master himself, Jonathan Hickman. And yes, I wrote that with tongue firmly in cheek. So, will we have the anticipated let down, or will Leigh Williams shock us all, and prove she’s worthy of the mantle of ongoing X book scribe?? Let’s find out in this SPOILER-FREE review! Continue reading X-Factor #4 Review

X of Swords: Creation #1 Review

X of Swords: Creation #1 Review – Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men event begins this week with the origin of all mutantkind dating back thousands of years. Check out the X of Swords: Creation #1 Review HERE! Continue reading X of Swords: Creation #1 Review

Spider-Woman #4 Review

So far in three issues Jessica Drew has had her share of shocking news. First, she finds out she has a brother, then her thought to be dead mother is apparently alive, and now she’s also back at Wundagore Mountain!! Whew, that’s a lot. So, are we in for more shockers in issue number four??!! I think we all know the answer to that!! Let’s see what craziness Karla Pacheco has in mind for us this month!! Continue reading Spider-Woman #4 Review

X-men – Marvels Snapshots #1 Review

Cyclops could possibly be the most well known of all the X-Men. Not necessarily the most popular, but most widely known. That’s to be expected as Scott is one of the original 5 X-Men. Cyclops is also happens to be writer Jay Edidin’s favorite X-Men. Most people I know either love or hate Cyclops. No grey area. Let’s see if Jay can change my mind as I’d put myself somewhat in that latter category. Continue reading X-men – Marvels Snapshots #1 Review