Captain Marvel #25 REVIEW

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Art: Lee Garbett, and Belen Ortega
Colors: Antonio Fabela
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 27th, 2021

What came first the castle or the dungeon? It’s possible the New York Public Library came with one and that is why Ove chose this place as his palace. What really matters is that Captain Marvel and her team of Apocalyptic Avengers find themselves captured and helpless at the hands of Ove and his mother Enchantress. Namor and Enchantress now that is a power couple, but as it seems not the best of parents. Alas, maybe one of our constrained heroes has something up their sleeve to spank this pretentious prattling porpoise prince with.

We open with Brigid Thorsdottir chained to a dungeon wall begging for Mjolnir but the only rock that hears her is the stone walls that bind her. Until a whisper comes from the shadows, it’s Rhodes who has been invisible since the first issue of this arc. I had totally forgot about her even though I tried to make a mental note when Carol told her to go invisible till they scoped the place out. Invisibility isn’t her only power she can phase people through things, luckily.

We go over to Carol who is strapped to a wall of her own. The always savvy Captain Marvel is looking for the slightest bit of information she could use to her own advantage. It is a good thing Ove loves talking about himself so much. He lays out his plans…blah…blah…leave here…blah…blah…take over your timeline and planet.

Then he leaves to go get Magik. Enchantress is there to prepare the magic spells they will use to transport Ove to Carols time. Carol thinks she sees her way out with maybe a slight hesitation and a look of disgust that Enchantress gives when within close proximity of her own son. But it turns out Ove gets his monologuing skills from his mother. We get Ove’s whole back story and its pretty much exactly as I thought it was, Ove commits patricide, and to Carols dismay Enchantress is okay with it.

With Carols last vestiges of hope crushed Ove walks in with Magik and Luke Cage in tow to start the power syphoning/torture. Hopefully Brigid and Emma are worthy enough to free the captured Captain in time.

Such a Dope Cover!

Final Thoughts:

This issue ended really strong. It helped me ignore the fill in the blanks monologuing that came from Enchantress and Ove. I felt a lot of that was unnecessary because I thought Kelley Thompson and Lee Garbett conveyed or implied that enough last issue. I really hope we can spend more time in this timeline it is really getting my imagination going. I am also really excited about next issue because of the fireworks that are about to be on display will really make Garbett’s art shine.


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