Sabretooth #2 Review

  • Written by: Victor LaValle
  • Art by: Leonard Kirk
  • Colors by: Rain Beredo
  • Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit
  • Cover art by: Ryan Stegman, J.P. Mayer, Frank Martin
  • Cover price: $3.99
  • Release date: March 9, 2022

Sabretooth #2 plants the seeds of rebellion as five more mutants are cast into The Pit for breaking the laws of Krakoa. What at first is a fight for survival against Sabretooth as the self-appointed King of Hell swiftly becomes a representation of the old adage – The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend.

Was It Good?

I like Sabretooth #2 better than issue #1. Let’s get that settled right away.

Why? I like it better because it’s cleaner, clearer, and makes more sense.

In the first issue, we learn of Sabretooth’s trailblazing status as Krakoa’s first mutant prisoner. Rather than take his incarceration laying down, Sabretooth used his indomitable will to turn The Pit into a world better suited for his preferences. The challenge with the first issue was keeping it all straight as it was never clear what was real, what wasn’t, and why as La Valle chose not to establish the rules of The Pit or how Sabretooth was able to operate within it.

In issue #2, we learn The Pit is simply the Krakoan version of The Matrix. Your body is held in a viney coma-like state while your mind roams free to do whatever it chooses. It’s not clear (again) if Krakoa was meant to exert influence over the prisoners’ minds while being held, but it appears whatever influence Krakoa has is summarily dismissed. It’s a prison but a prison Sabretooth can reshape into whatever world he wants.

Again, the confusion from the first issue is cleared up, and with the introduction of more prisoners, we get a better sense of where the story is headed – Prison Break and Revenge Against Their Judges. Is it well-written? Yes. Are the new prisoners interesting? Not particularly. If anything, their prison sentences seem excessive when compared to their crimes and most of the prisoners are fairly unremarkable. Is the plan super-exciting? So far, not yet as they have no plan. Just the goal.

In short, I like issue #2 better than issue #1 but the overall story is just okay so far.

What isn’t “just okay” is Kirk and Beredo’s art. The art is excellent. The coloring is excellent, the brief bits of action are energetic, the panel compositions are dramatic, and the overall look of the comic is great.

Bits and Pieces

Sabretooth #2 is a cleaner, clearer issue compared to issue #1 with a story that’s easier to follow and presents a clear direction. That said, the supporting cast of mutants introduced in this issue are somewhat forgettable, and the demystified setup is somehow less intriguing. However, the art is strong from front to back.


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