Runaways #33 Review

Writer: Rainbow Rowell

Art: Andres Genolet and Kris Anka

Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 3rd, 2021

Well, it has been a long time since we got a Runaways issue! And I will admit, I wish we got a page or two of just previously on stuff. Like a full comic page style. I remember Gib and Gert attending school but from the front cover, it seems like maybe we missed an issue. Let’s dive in and see what we have here!

Our issue starts with Gib crushing it at football, and I will admit, the art seems to be not as good as I remember. The art is good but not for a comic name that overall is a Solid B. Seems like this art is just telling us, this book is not what it used to be and we just have to settle on it and deal with it. A small quiver though, when Gib is playing football, he should get a flag on the play.

Next up we see our squad trying to hurry up to go to school, but Chase is getting home late to take them. If I didn’t read the previously on-page, I would be very curious as why is his mood for charming and happy. Would have been nice to get a little hint of it in the actual comic.

Time for breakfast as we see our happy runaway couple, looking not so great. The whole scene feels weird about how Karolina is a wreck. Sure, the only reason for this was setting up a story arc with Nico, but it could have been done better.

Now in school, we see Gert making a new friend while leaving one of her current friends in the dust. At this point, I am getting tired of Gert, and is becoming one of my least favorites on the team. Rowell is making her very unlikeable. But later when we see Gert and her new friend, this is foreshadowing a story arc.

Now we get to the scene of our last in the book and probably the best scene in the book! As Nico finds a way to get Molly to school, we hear a loud noise, and a battle begins. We see Wolverine and Pixie are trying to rescue Molly. Doombot and Nico try to stop their plans. The action in this scene was short but very satisfying.

Final Thoughts:

Well, I do wish we got a page or two of a comic strip style for previously on, but other than that, good issue! The majority of this issue seems like set-up, but the way we are getting it is quite boring and uninteresting. Thankfully it was the last scene that made the difference for the issue. Too bad the art went downhill a bit. As for now, I would recommend this issue only because of the last scene. But not something that is a necessity.


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