Sabretooth #3 Review

  • Written by: Victor LaValle
  • Art by: Leonard Kirk
  • Colors by: Rain Beredo
  • Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit
  • Cover art by: Ryan Stegman, J.P. Mayer, Frank Martin
  • Cover price: $3.99
  • Release date: April 27, 2022

Sabretooth #3 begins Victor Creed’s bid to not only free himself from Krakoan prison but to plant the seeds of rebellion among Krakoa’s citizens.

Was It Good?

Sabretooth #3 is the kind of comic you appreciate. Not for what it does, but for the potential it promises.

Here, we know Sabretooth and a handful of other mutants are trapped in a Krakoan prison in a comatose state. However, Sabretooth has managed to free his mind, tap into Krakoa’s network, and link his mind to the others. This “push” even allows the prisoners to temporarily manifest in the physical world as outgrowths of Krakoa via the plants, sand, rocks, or any matter that can be found on the island. the concept is creative and intriguing and you get to see how the prisoners can talk with others on the island without being physically free.

The manifestation concept is intriguing on its own, but what makes the issue more interesting is Sabretooth’s plan to send the others out into the island to connect with fellow, former “evil” mutants to stage a jailbreak. Of course, his fellow inmates don’t follow Creed’s script… or do they?

What La Valle has done is plant the seeds of unrest among the mutants on Krakoa by spilling the beans about the prison, but from the lips of his inmates instead of his so that the message is a) believed and b) considered more outrageous when fellow mutants see what’s been done to their friends. Creed is playing everyone, including his allies, to set off a major conflict in the near term.

In fairness, most of this issue is talking so if you’re looking for big action and adventure, reset your expectations. However, the issue is intriguing, again, for what could come out of Creeds’ plan that affects everything on Krakoa going forward.

The art by Kirk, Beredo, and Petit is very good. Everything special about this issue hinges on textures. When the inmates manifest in different forms composed of organic materials, the scenes could only work if you believe person A is made of sand of person B is made of rock. The inmates look like their composite materials and themselves at the same time, and you get a ton of visual interest with the creativity on display.

Bits and Pieces

Sabretooth #3 successfully plants the seeds of rebellion on Krakoa when the cracks of corruption have long since spread. LaValle demonstrates why Creed, even when trapped in a comatose state, is still one of the most dangerous mutants around. With excellent writing but admittedly little action, this offshoot of the X-Titles shows the most promise for the future of Krakoa.


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