Heroes Reborn 2021

Commemorating the deaths of the FANTASTIC FOUR, DOCTOR DOOM, and the AVENGERS after battling ONSLAUGHT, the Marvel landscape was “Reborn” with specific characteristics, as well as their prior adventures, broadened with the objective to retell and reshape their tales making them new and modern.

This was interpreted as readers favorite heroes being transferred into a parallel/ pocket dimension by known other than Franklin Richards. For those unaware, Franklin is the nearly God-level son of Mister and Mrs. Fantastic. Now, Franklin did this in order to save them from ONSLAUGHT. Nonetheless, in this alternate Franklins-verse, the origins and histories of our favorite heroes were in a sense, “Reborn” to fit the mid-90s’. Is this happening all over again? Take a look at the images in this article to get a small taste as to what’s on the horizon.

There was a variety of differences with the characters such as Ben Grimm flying in the Gulf War as well as Johnny and Sue were financial bankers for Reed’s rocket. Now, in addition to these changes, Marvel searched out old talent who left for other companies as a means to revitalize the story landscape. It was a way to modernize the characters while still holding the true blue fans at bay… a marrying of cultures if you will.

Overall, this premise wasn’t a terrible idea, however, the execution may have needed some work. A variety of changes were very contentious, eliciting arguments amongst fans. According to Jim Lee, Marvel recommended going on with HEROES REBORN permanently, however, Lee eventually refused to go through with the idea, and eventually, it fizzled out. The four main HEROES REBORN titles were 12 issues in length with an extra 13th issue being a crossover event with WILDSTORM characters called “World War 3”.

At the end of the original HEROES REBORN, the FANTASTIC FOUR and AVENGERS were reinstated into the mainstream 616 universe by Franklin Richards in a follow-up mini called HEROES REBORN: THE RETURN. So, is this what Marvel has in store in 2021? Are we getting a reboot as a maxi-series with some of our characters in a pocket dimension? Does the KING IN BLACK and his aftermath have anything to do with this?

As we get closer to the event, I’m sure more questions will be answered. How do you feel about a revisit of the “Reborn” idea? For now, if you’re interested in the original HEROES REBORN, I highly recommend clicking HERE to grab related trades and issues. Maybe the ONSLAUGHT saga sparked your interest? If so, click HERE to snag some related trades and volumes. Moreover, if you’re intrigued by the current KING IN BLACK event, click HERE to grab some related volumes and trades. And finally, if you’re looking for something else to read, check out my Amazon Online Comic Shop by clicking HERE. Thank you all for the read and continued support. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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