King in Black: Marauders #1 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Luke Ross, Carlos Lopez, VC’s Cory Petit, Tom Muller, Matthew Wilson, and Russell Dauterman


Price: $4.99

Release Date: February 3rd, 2021

Captain Kate and the MARAUDERS have finally set sail to help Earth battle Knull and his symbiote army. With the planet covered in an oozing dome of black goo, Captain Kate has vowed to protect those in need. However, when a mission to save some of her own goes awry, will the Red Queen be able to save her friends or will she succumb to Knull’s symbiotic nightmare? Let’s set sail on KING IN BLACK: MARAUDERS #1 by Gerry Duggan to see if Captain Kate can calm the Storm… or at least save her.

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Look, I’ve loved what Gerry Duggan has done with MARAUDERS. His contribution to the DAWN OF X, as well as ushering in the new era of X-MEN, has been remarkable. Without a doubt, he’s in the Top Five of writers at Marvel Comics right now. All that said, this issue of KING IN BLACK: MARAUDERS left me speechless… but not how you may think. I’m genuinely struggling to find its purpose and contribution as a tie-in to KING IN BLACK or the MARAUDERS series.

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I left this issue dumbfounded. Now, maybe I’m wrong? Maybe I missed something? But, I thought humans couldn’t use the Krakoan gates? But sure enough, they do this issue. Moreover, that seems like a huge blunder to me nor can I image Duggan making that oversight. So, keep your eyes peeled for that quandary. Additionally, I was under the impression that the MARAUDERS were on a rescue mission to save Cyclops and Storm. If you’re lucky, you’ll see them on possibly two whole panels!! Furthermore, you may need to check out how powerful Lockheed is before cracking this bad boy open. This little “chihuahua” of a dragon can really hold his own against this symbiote army. Many AVENGERS, and even VENOM himself, have had a difficult time with them… but not Lockheed!


To be honest, I could sit here and criticize the issue more, but I won’t. To summarize, KING IN BLACK: MARAUDERS #1 is like Grape-Nuts. Grape-Nuts are neither grapes nor nuts. Well, KING IN BLACK: MARAUDERS is neither a KING IN BLACK tie-in nor a MARAUDERS issue. It’s something entirely different altogether that genuinely makes me question if Duggan actually wrote this issue. The missteps, mixups, and foundational X-MEN knowledge missing are extremely uncharacteristic of Duggan. He is normally lights out. Moreover, I could buy the premise of the issue if it was set up filler for issue two… but there isn’t one. This is all we get! So, I left wondering what the point of the issue was if not to extend the KING IN BLACK event or push forth the MARAUDERS title. Ultimately, nothing happens readers. So, I wouldn’t pick this up or waste your money. Have a great week, stay safe, and God bless!


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