Captain Marvel #23 REVIEW

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Art: Lee Garbett, Belen Ortega, and Antonio Fabela
Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 4th, 2020

Luke Cage is alive. That was the cliffhanger of last issue. Which brings up the question who else in this armageddon hell scape may be alive from Carol’s past?

We open this issue and find out pretty quick this Luke Cage isn’t quite right. Luke’s daughter Dani approaches her father, shocked he is still alive she reaches out to him, and gets smacked across the room.

With cold green glowing eyes a warning passes the lips of the distant father, “don’t touch the messenger.” With that warning voiced he then delivers the message, “you are cordially invited to visit us.”

The mysterious Ove has invited Carol and members, of her choosing, to their home. Through the rest of this issue we get introduced to some new characters as well get more information about the already existing characters as we journey to the home of Ove. Plus we get some more insight into the destruction of this Earth.

Final Thoughts:

I am really enjoying this story, but I worry we will not stick with this world long enough to get to know all these new wonderful characters. The art and colors seems cleaner and more vibrant this issue than last issue. I think the biggest bummer of this issue has to be the spoiler of the cliffhanger on the cover and its not even that good of cover to make it worth it.


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