Captain Marvel #22 REVIEW

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Art: Lee Garbett, Jorge Molina, and Tamra Bonvillain

Letters: VC’S Clayton Cowles
Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 14th, 2020

The Team that brought you the most fun and exciting Captain Marvel arc (The Last Avenger), in a decade, is back! This time they are going back to The End? Captain Marvel: The End #1 was a one-shot. A few titles were given the opportunity in January ’20, to produce an end of life scenario for their main character. ( You can find my review for Carol’s issue right here on weird science ). In my opinion Captain Marvel was the best executed one out of the bunch. That is not saying it was great. It just came across to me as the most thought out issue and I found myself at the end of that issue wanting more information. Well lucky me after my stupid brain has erased all my questions the teachers are here to give me the answers.

We open in upstate New York, Captain Marvel, War Machine, Hazmat, and Spider-Woman are on mission to check on something weird. They find what looks to be some kind of spaceship. It is hard to tell what it is because it is stuck in the canopy of a group of trees. As the group gets closer to the ship they are attacked by Klintar like tendrils. There is a flash of light around Captain Marvel and then she is transported into the future. It is left uncertain whether or not Carol’s team gets transported with her.

As we saw previously in Captain Marvel: The End, 2051 was is awful. This is one year(2052) after Future Carol threw herself into the sun to restart it. New York is still a wreck and now it seems the door to Limbo has been left open and Magik might be responsible.

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoy the fact that we get to revisit this future timeline, because it gives Captain Marvel a world completely without any continuity hangups to get in the way. It’s like an in continuity WHAT IF… comic, or reverse Old Man Logan giving many opportunities for new characters and challenges. So far the setting of this story arc doesn’t really allow for Garbett and Bonvillain to really take center stage. The setting at the beginning is a heavily shadowed forest which didn’t even allow me to figure out that there was a spaceship in a tree, and the rest of the story you are in Apocalyptic New York City and everything is, rightly so, desolate. The art itself is really strong, well done and action packed it just seems to be missing a little pop to the page.


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