Dead Man Logan #9 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson
Art Team: Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard, VC’s Cory Petit
Release Date: July 3, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Wolverine is on a mission across the Wastelands to secure shelter for Bruce Jr. with Dani Cage, so he can then go back to Sacramento, to die peacefully alongside his family.  Only two problems are currently postponing their trip, everyone keeps getting in the way, and Wolverine is currently laying lung-less on the floor.  Oh Sacramento you tricky mistress. So lets hurry up and discuss Dead Man Logan #9 before the blood covers his name on the cover and its all over with.3dead

Our issue begins and things don’t look good for our trio of heroes here.  Dani is captured by the crazy Hulk hating cult, Logan is lung-less seemingly dying above them, and the Hulk Killer is teeing off on Bruce Jr doing some serious damage.  Thankfully Old Wolverine is able to pick himself up by his bootstraps, tough out his limited ten percent lung capacity, and fry the Hulk Killer in some electrical workings to put an end to this mess. It all buys the team enough time to get the hell out of dodge, or in this case Omaha and onto Salix, and onto their next problem to deal with.  I love Mike Henderson’s art in this opening sequence, he draws such a perfect battle worn Old Man Logan, never forgetting any detail (the beat up left eye, or bone clawed right hand), and him being on the entire series for the Dead Man finale has been a treat.


Back to the story, Bruce Jr. is in bad shape and needs help ASAP, Logan tells Dani of a long lost rumor, which may be their only hope in getting the assistance they need so they take their chances.  Sure enough Logan turns out to be right and the group ultimately meets up with Forge and his people in a secure location (or so they think), as the two old friends catch up, while Bruce Jr moves well on his way to a full recovery.  All well and good right?! Well Sabretooth is still lingering and looms ever closer.


The issue begins to wind down with Old Man Logan once again saying several goodbyes to old friends however a security alert ultimately delays his departure … I think you can piece together who that may be.  There are also some other clever easter eggs sprinkled throughout this issue, such as Speedball, that X fans or even long time followers of the Old Man Logan story line will appreciate. This book continues to provide a very solid sendoff for a character I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with so kudos to Brisson and the rest of the creative team for making me look forward to these last three issues as much as I will.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Dead Man Logan continues to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures going at Marvel Comics, with Ed Brisson, Mike Henderson, and Nolan Woodard giving the character a very worthy sendoff.  It’s weird because while I’m usually a bit let down a character I enjoy will be ‘going away’ I feel its a fitting conclusion for this character, and have never wanted to see someone fictional get what they wanted so badly.  One more Sabretooth fight for good measure wouldn’t hurt either though.


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