Silver Surfer: Black #1 Review

Writer: Donny Cates
Art Team: Tradd Moore, Dave Stewart, VC’s Clayton Cowles
Release Date: June 11, 2019;
Cover Price: $3.99

Silver Surfer comes back to comic book shelves everywhere this week, in the much anticipated Silver Surfer: Black, with Donny Cates at the wheel, along with co-piolt Tradd Moore on art, aided by Dave Stewart (colors), and VC’s Clayton Cowles (letters) on this journey. If you don’t recall, last time we saw our ‘Silver man’ on the cosmic surfboard, he was being pulled into a Black Hole, largely due to actions of the Black Order. So where does that leave our ‘hero’ now? Let’s discuss.

Lets get the cat right out of the bag. I think some of the enjoyment you pull out of the Silver Surfer series will depend largely on your feelings in reference to Cates run on the current Guardians of the Galaxy title. If you enjoy and like it, I think you’ll find yourself having a good time here. However, if the title is something you may have a few issues with at the moment, this Silver Surfer title may feel too much like a tie-in to you to be fully invested … yet. That only mostly applies in regards to the beginning of this title, but it is present none the less.

Anyways back to the issues actual contents.  What you’ll notice immediately upon opening the book is the trance inducing nature of Tradd Moore’s art and Dave Stewart’s colors.  It’s a great pairing for the craziness of the Black Hole, sucking our different groups of characters into its abyss, allowing you to get lost in the story being told.  Its not a knock against what Donny Cates is doing here, but if you honestly just flip through this book with the context of Surfer’s in a Black Hole, you can follow what is occurring without reading a word.  Dig deeper though and you’ll discover Cates is weaving a tale about somebody who questions their past, and even now, is doing what must be done to turn over a new leaf regardless of the cost. This is what I look forward to continuing.

I wont spill all the beans here, but what I will say is that eventually Silver Surfer does find his way out of the Black Hole he was caught up into, which is when his journey this issue really begins, and leads to a few excellent surprises by the close of issue one. Moore’s art is certainly unique, from character designs, to their movements, and throw in Stewart’s colors along the way, the book is definitely attention grabbing and worth a look see.   I personally find it to be a touch too confusing at specific times, however I hope it’s something that grows on me, to the point I look forward to more by the end of the series.

Final Thoughts:

Silver Surfer: Black kicks off the new mini for the character, providing a trippy ride that digs deep into the psyche of the Silver Surfer, and makes you wonder what’s in store for the character going forward.  Donny Cates continues to bring his unique touch to the Marvel Universe, with Tradd Moore’s art and Dave Stewart on colors, he’s in good company to make sure his vision comes to life.  Certainty a must read for anyone enjoying the current Guardians run.


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