Wolverine: Infinity Watch #5 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Art Team: Andy MacDonald, Jordie Bellaire, VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 18, 2019

Wolverine Infinity Watch concludes this month, presumably so we can get Wolverine off to a more regularly scheduled program, however that’s not saying I haven’t enjoyed this fun little detour we’ve been given here way more than I anticipated.  Gerry Duggan, Andy MacDonald, and company have crafted a nice little adventure here for Wolverine, fresh off the slog that was the over long Return of Wolverine multi-series, so lets stop wasting time and see if they bring that adventure home to roost.

Our issue begins where last issue concluded, with our cast of characters assembled over these four issues starring directly in the face of Warbringer, who wants nothing more than Hector’s time stone powers at any cost.  This starts the final fight of our issue, actually bringing into play one final twist, spurred to action by a quick Wolverine pep talk.  Hector is finally able to manifest his powers but unable to unfreeze what he done for quite a bit of time! Panic kind of ensues.

I would think at this point in the mini-series you’re still tuning in because this is a title you’ve found unique and enjoyable, so as Hector plays with his powers to figure out how everything works, some moments are played for laughs but in a clever way. Hector uses his powers in a small, fun, ways before entering the fray again and its a highlight of the issue.  A nit pick I have here is that a lot of time (page count) is spent here mucking around a bit, and a little is lost returning to the fight. This makes things a little jarring when it suddenly all ends in a rush through a portal however, it’s not enough to take away my enjoyment of how things ultimately conclude, but it’s noticeable none the less.

With the day won, and all the stories main characters returned to Earth, there is one final twist here in the story that doesn’t quite make it end with a nice with a bow. It’s not a knock against the book though because I found enjoyment in that ending instead of a neat and tidy resolution.  Even the connections back to the Phoenix Logan/King Thor call backs come full circle, bringing a resolution to everyone’s current motivations, ultimately making this series something I find merit in recommending. MacDonald and Bellaire team up to do another bang up job on art and while a little stylized throughout the series I found it to be something I would like to return back to.

Final Thoughts:

Overall Duggan, MacDonald, and Bellaire bring life to an interesting team-up (Wolverine, Loki, and an ex-con) and give readers a story with a little bit of action, cosmic adventure, and just enough funny to keep your attention throughout the series entirety.  This was a nice mini-series that renewed my interest for anything with the Infinity tag for now.


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