Doctor Doom #7 Review

Writer: Christopher Cantwell

Artist(s): Salvador Larocca & GURU-eFX

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover(s): Salvador Larocca & GURU-eFX

Release Date: 23 September, 2020

Price: $3.99USD

Warning: Spoilers!

When 2 fictional, vaguely Eastern European monarchies declare hostilities, the only one who really wins is Doom’s pet bear! Doom in this issue gets back to Latveria, riding on the back of a freakin’ grizzly bear. What happened after his not-so subtle entrance? Let’s get bundled up and head to Northern Latveria and see what happens.

Doom’s inner circle are passing the time old school, shooting vodka bottles with a rifle in the freezing snow fields of Latveria. Returning to Latveria post coup, he took the long way (via the cosmic nullifier and shenanigans with Kang the last few issues). Doom decides to make his inner circle interview for their jobs by swearing an oath of fealty, which Doom again decides to go not-so-subtle, wearing ceremonial armour and a furry cape. Doom flushes out the traitor, then after a head start shoots him and feeds him to his bear. After giving up temporary custody of the nullifier, Doom floats over to Dmitri Furtunov (Current Ruler of Latveria) and literally makes him slice up his face. His kids? Also sliced. I would venture a guess that during Doom’s tenure, he has defunded the Latverian Social Services.

Meanwhile, The Blue Marvel has been busy sealing the wormhole in the sun with negative energy. It works, but SNAP! Marvel can’t get back. Out of the white, Otto Octavius appears to seal the wormhole.


Somehow this book managed to escape the COVID shutdown- not because it isn’t good, it definitely is; but this book is the 2020 definition of a slow burn story. The current state comics is all about ‘writing for the trade”; not a long form character exploration. The background Macguffin of the Antlion attack somehow feels inconsequential compared to Doom’s near-ridiculous theatre of making his inner circle swear an oath on bended knee. This is really a psychological, Game Of Thrones-esque story. This issue is not a good book to jump in on if you haven’t been reading it, but if you have been following along, this a great continuation of a little book that could. Add in top notch art, and this book is a winner.


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