Yondu #2 Review

Writer: Zac Thomson & Lonnie Nadler

Art: John McRae & Mike Spicer

Release Date: November 27th, 2019

Price: $3.99USD

Yondu is a bad dude. Like, really bad. The entire universe is pretty much against him! But imagine how great his life would be if he could just make one last big haul! He’s got the Herald’s Urn and he’s looking to unload it. Can he find a buyer and finally retire to Florida and scream at Millenials to get off his lawn? Let’s head to Contraxia and find out what happens in this week’s all-new YONDU #2 by Zac Thomson and Lonnie Nadler.

Yondu is on Contraxia, looking to unload the Urn. Lots of sketchy characters might want a piece of the action, including one irritated ex-girlfriend. Little does Yondu know, he’s being followed by a really bad dude with a shiv for an arm. After Yondu and his ex get busy, we hear a slightly different version of The History Of The Marvel Universe, involving Galactus’ first Herald, Thanos, and Annihilation. What’s the macguffin Urn do? Pretty much anything! It’s imbued with cosmic power.

Yondu makes a classy exit after toweling off, and both future Yondu and the assassin stumble on Yondu Classic at the same time! Our assassin makes quick work of both our Yondus, but just in time: Present Yondu opens the Urn!


This is a quick read. Very little happens, and what does happen is completely telegraphed and contrived. What will happen to Present Yondu and how will it all work out with future Yondu? I don’t know and frankly I’m not all that interested to find out. The art is muddy and frequently indistinct, with backgrounds either too busy or blank. It hasn’t been announced as such, but it’s almost certainly going to be an unannounced mini series.


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